Ishq Subhan Allah 14 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Shahbaz Goon Hides

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The episode begins, Kabir and Zara in the vehicle. Kabir says I have the vehicle that has been overhauled. Zara says you have turned out to be cunning, following two days you will leave this city. The two of them tragically take a gander at one another. While Kabir is driving, Zara dozes. Kabir brings coconut juice for her.

Shehbaz’s goon is following. Hawaian plays as they grin at one another. Kabir and Zara go to the industrial facility. They meet an overseer. He says I can’t disclose to you much however I think about the proprietor of the processing plant. Kabir takes his location.

Zara and Kabir go to the plant proprietor. Does the proprietor say what are you doing here? You both were in the production line when that impact occurred, you both are answerable for that impact, your foe may have impacted that processing plant. Kabir says do you realize that we are going to evacuate

the window ornament from this case and after that the police will be behind you more. They leave. The proprietor calls Rizwan and informs him concerning Zara and Kabir.

Ishq Subhan Allah 14 October 2019

Kabir and Zara are out and about. Shahbaz’s goon stows away and goes for Zara. Kabir sees him from the vehicle window. Goon shoots at Zara yet Kabir pushes Zara away and spares her. Kabir inquires as to whether she is fine? They see goon running. Kabir keeps running behind him. Zara goes as well.

Goon fools Kabir and leaves. He calls Shahbaz and says I attempted to execute Zara yet Kabir didn’t allow it to occur. Rizwan calls Ruksaar and says Kabir and Zara are inquiring about that industrial facility impact. Salma comes there so Ruksaar parts of the bargains. She asks where is Zara?

Salma says she went with Kabir. Ruksaar says I am concerned for her, she may get injured once more. Salma says they are meeting once more, I don’t need her heart to break however Kabir has transformed, he has advised everything to Kabir and she has chosen to end everything to end Kabir’s dread, she leaves. Ruksaar says I figured I wouldn’t need to murder anybody however I should get my hands messy.

Zara stops Kabir. Kabir says I disclosed to you that when I am close to you then you are in threat, imagine a scenario where you kicked the bucket. I am going, you need to live. Zara says see me, don’t be so mixed up, you are so apprehensive, this was not a nature’s catastrophe, somebody is assaulting us, somebody needs you to stay in dread, they don’t need us to discover reality, on the off chance that we are as one, at that point we will win, world can do anything other than we are as one. Kabir says move away from me. Zara says alright, we should discover who is behind this.

Rizwan hears in the market that somebody attempted to shoot Zara. He calls Ruksaar and informs her concerning Zara. Ruksaar says she needs beyond words, stress over yourself. Rizwan says they won’t locate any confirmation against me.

Zara and Kabir sit in the market. She sees his hand and sees an injury. She reveals to Kabir that recollect a few goons made us oblivious and took us to the industrial facility, somebody arranged all that. We need to discover him. She discloses to him a thought. Kabir looks on.

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