Ishq Subhan Allah 13 June 2019 Written Update – Zara Takes Ruksaars Side

Written Update: Ishq Subhan Allah 13 June 2019 Written Update on

Zeenat requests that young lady remove her cover, she pulls it off and sees somebody. She asks who are you? for what reason would you say you were keeping an eye on us? The young lady says I was simply hearing tattle, I am grieved. Zeenat says don’t do it again and leaves. Ruksaar originates from under table and thanks to young lady, she gives her cash. Zara says to Azra that young lady thought about Kabir’s youth and says it was.. Ruksaar.

Amaan battles with Nussu and cries. Ruksaar comes there in the cloak and consoles him, she says I resemble your auntie. Amaan says I have just a single auntie and most loved one, its Ruksaar. Ruksaar says don’t cry, I will take for a bar of chocolate. She begins leaving with Amaan. Zeenat keeps running behind her and pushes her, she says you were fleeing with my child? Zara comes there and attempts to stop her. Zeenat faults Zara that you sent her to seize my Amaan? She is going to slap her however Ruksaar says, sister. all are stunned. Zara says yes its Ruksaar. She removes her cloak, Zeenat gets enthusiastic and cries.

Ishq Subhan Allah 13 June 2019

Ruksaar converses with family and says I realize I fouled up yet trust me I am not lying about haven. Kabir says we are not going to trust you like this. He calls the specialist and says she originated from refuge however I don’t trust her. Ruksaar says to Zara that I turned out to be fine one year back and I attempted to plot against you however I couldn’t do anything amiss with you since specialist revealed to me that I lost my memory and afterward recalled everything, I reviewed how you dealt with me as a child, my contempt transformed into affection, I left from your kin and live in a general public close-by, I have given my life to petitions and God.

Does Kashan say you didn’t care about your sister? She was so stressed over you. Ruksaar says I am upset for not meeting you but rather there was a reason, I accept that whatever wrong I tilled currently was incited by Zeenat, I have comprehended that Kabir isn’t for me, I didn’t rebound since I knew Zeenat would incite me against Kabir and Zara once more, I missed Zeenat so much, she embraces her. She says when I found out about eid work, I needed to meet all of you, I simply needed to watch you individuals from far and leave however I got captured, I appeal to God for Kabir and Zara to rejoin day and night.

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