Ishq Subhan Allah 12 June 2019 Written Update – Ruksaar Helps Zara

Written Update: Ishq Subhan Allah 12 June 2019 Written Update on

Azra says to Zara that Ayesha is excessively miffed with Kabir, by what means will you fix them up? Zara demonstrates her blessing and says it will do everything. She meets some visitor and leaves blessing. Ruksaar goes to blessings and conceals her blessing. She opens it and finds a card inside. Ruksaar stops a hireling and takes pen, She composes something on card. She begins leaving yet hits with Zara. Ruksaar conceals blessing under table and leaves. Zara says bizarre. Ruksaar takes blessing from that point.

Kashan and Zeenat comes to work. Kashan says Ruksaar is as yet not fine, specialist didnt let us meet her. Zeenat attempts to welcome Kabir however he leaves. Ruksaar sees Ayesha alone and puts blessing on her table. Zara sees blessing on Ayesha’s table. Shahbaz sees her so Zara leaves. Zeenat says to Kashan that Kabir offended me.

Ishq Subhan Allah 12 June 2019

Kashan says you tossed Zara out of house. Zeenat says just my more youthful sister got me, she doesnt need to meet me any longer. Ruksaar stows away and hears it. Kashan gets call and leaves. Ruksaar puts cloak on and brings juice for Zeenat, Zeenat trips however Ruksaar pulls her closer and embraces her, she supposes I cherish you a great deal sister. She leaves from that point.

Azra begins facilitating occasion and says we have put blessings on each table. Zara says eid is commended to end all battles, we have picked individuals who are battling so blessings are planned to end battles. Zeenat says it may be Zara’s trap to make Kabir state sorry openly. Ayesha says perhaps then Kabir will get some sense. Zara shows blessings to everybody. Zara asks Azra to express sorry to learn. Azra says sorry for tricking her with a jewel ring. Zeenat is dazed. All snicker.

Ishq Subhan Allah 12 June 2019

Azra says I am sorry Zeenat, she offers cash to Zeenat. Zara says end this battle. Zeenat takes cash and embraces Azra and Zara, she says I will see you both later. Azra says next is Ahmed family, she asks Kabir to open the crate. Zeenat says dont do it. All ask Kabir to open it. Kabir takes mic and opens the crate, he says we don’t need however.. he peruses letter and is shocked. Kabir says somebody is irate with me, I was sent to a mosque for studies.

I used to miss my mom to such an extent once I left mosque and it took me 2 days to achieve home, she undermined me that she will break my legs in the event that I ranaway from mosque without telling anybody, at that point she argued Shahbaz to not send me back but rather Shahbaz needed me to study and sent me back, I used to miss my mom to such an extent I began composing letters to her, I used to argue her to bring me back however she said that creation you a minister is your dad’s fantasy so satisfy it.

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