Ishq Subhan Allah 1 May 2019 Written Update – Zara Avoids Kabir

Written Update: Ishq Subhan Allah 1 May 2019 Written Update on

Zara is in driver’s dress and sends Azra inside advising her to reveal to Ayesha that she is here. Azra says I am terrified of Kabir. Zara says demonstrate to me your guts. Azra says I will do my work however ask Ayesha what Kabir is up. Zara says she is sick so I need to make her fine first. Alina comes there and embraces Zara, she says you look charming. Azra says take a gander at me as well. Zara says she is my cousin. Alina says I need to get Kabir and Zara together, she tells about a family out and says Shahbaz is home so we must be cautious. Zara wishes them karma. Alina and Azra go in the house.

Zeenat hears somebody going into house and glances around. Zara is holding up outside. Zeenat begins doing to the primary entryway. Zara takes cover behind a vehicle. Zeenat doesnt see her and returns inside. Amaan calls Zeenat and inquires as to why she didn’t come to class? Zeenat says Ayesha got sick, I will meet your educator tomorrow. Azra comes to Ayesha and says Dr. Nagma sent me to take you for treatment. Ayesha says I won’t abandon Zara. Alina says Zara will be with you.

Kabir touches base at home. Zara sees him. Does Kabir say the driver would you be able to move your vehicle back? Zara looks down. She wears her glasses to maintain a strategic distance from him and sits in the vehicle. She moves her vehicle back. Kabir puts his vehicle in leaving. Zara calls Alina however Alina is taking Ayesha from that point. Zara calls Azra and says Kabir is coming inside the house, he cannot see you. Azra sees Kabir coming inside and stows away. Kabir brings drug for Ayesha. Azra calls Zara and says what to do now? I am lost in this house. Zeenat hears the voice and tails it. She sees Azra and asks who are you? Azra says who are you? Zeenat says this is my home, for what reason would you say you are here?

you resemble an attendant. Zeenat takes her and begins going to the primary parlor. She conveys her to everybody and says nurture was here. Does Kabir say Zappi? what are you doing here? Ayesha says she has originated from Dr. Nagma’s center. Kabir says I met her in Mumbai, what are you doing here? Alina says I called Nagma so she sent her medical attendant here. Zeenat says then why she was wandering in house. Azra says I was going to the washroom. Zeenat says Ayesha consented to abandon Zara. Ayesha says I am not feeling admirable so I will proceed to get checked from Nagma. Kabir says I will run with her, Alina can remain here. He takes Ayesha from that point.

Azra hurries to Zara and says Kabir is coming. Kabir brings Ayesha there and influences her to sit in the vehicle. Kabir says to Azra that sit in back with Ayesha. Azra says no you can sit with her, I will sit in front. Kabir says no, you sit with her, you can support her. He sits in front. Zara turns away so Kabir doesnt perceive her. Zara sits on driving seat. She puts the safety belt on and begins the vehicle. She is going to hit with divider, Kabir moves to guide wheel away and the vehicle hits the pot. Kabir’s hand is on Zara’s hand on guiding wheel. He feels something and says you?

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