Ishq Subhan Allah 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Kabir is Shocked to Hear

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Shahbaz says thanks to Irfan for serving them and says call our girl in law. Irfan says we have ethics, not at all like you, individuals are fortunate from where little girls leave. Ruksaar comes there. Irfan says you resemble my little girl so I will give your hand to Kabir. Ruksaar says you truly need to send me off as your girl? He gestures. Ruksaar says I lost my dad at a youthful age and never figured I would get father’s adoration again.

Zeenat embraces her. Ruksaar kisses Irfan’s hand and says you have done support on me by considering me your little girl, I cannot lie, I missed all of you, my arrangement was something different, I said yes to go with Kabir on the grounds that I required time, I cannot go with Kabir as I am not his significant other. Does Kabir say you are playing once more? You can play yet I will take you from here, you are my better half and need to accompany me. Irfan plunks down. Ruksaar brings papers and says read them cautiously.

Ishq Subhan Allah 1 July 2019 Episode

Kabir sees legal documents that he marked previously. Ruksaar says to Irfan that my connection with Kabir was on paper just, I have an observer too as a cleric. She shows legal documents and says my nikah is invalidated and I am telling truth, I simply need Kabir and Zara to end up one, Kabir I won’t hurt Zara, I truly need you and Zara to end up one.. would i be able to leave now? I need to return to my little house. Kabir takes legal documents and leaves. Ruksaar comes to Kabir and says you won’t ask how I got these papers made? Kabir says I made these papers when I saw you after eid, I mentioned for this authentication however how you got it?

Ruksaar says I got a call from cleric on the off chance that I concur with it, at that point you came here to take me back however I realized it was a direct result of Zara, I went to the minister and argued him that we need this endorsement as I need to rejoin Zara and Kabir. Does Kabir say it implies you are not playing any trap? Ruksaar says I guarantee. Kabir says perhaps you have truly changed, it’s hard for me to acknowledge it however in the event that I become acquainted with that you are going to hurt Zara or any other individual then it will be terrible for you.

Ishq Subhan Allah 1 July 2019 Episode

He leaves. Zara is crying. Azra says don’t cry, what Kabir did with you, Ruksaar did it with you. Zara says Kabir is doing this as an obligation, he was prepared to acknowledge her when he despises her in light of obligation.. at that point why didn’t he thinks to come and see me when I was in the trance-like state? Azra requests that her not cry, I will brighten you up.

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