Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 30 September 2019 Written Update – Who will Attend Gunjan & Yogi Wedding?

Written Update: Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 30 September 2019 Written Update on

Shiv reveals to Prakash that Gunjan’s bliss matters him most. Prakash says he knows as he perceived how he chastened Yogi, even he and Kusum wouldn’t fret, else Kusum battles with entire area for Yogi, he will treat Gunjan as his little girl and chide her like he reproves Rani, Nisha, and Khushi; Vivek sings to perk up Rani and Rani says papaji’s reprimanding is superior to Vivek’s singing.

Shiv says Yogi can’t sing. Prakash asks what does he mean. Shiv says he will bring him espresso and leaves. At home, Bablu and Surjith attempt to deal with baratis. Vivek returns and says another 40 individuals are remaining close to transport and saying they are welcomed. Dadaji apprehensively says he welcomed neighbors. Vivek says he has welcomed vegetable merchant, rickshaw wala, ironman, and so on.

Kabir asks him to deny their greeting. Dadaji cautions not to do that. Bablu and Surjith take Dadaji aside while Vivek exits to send excluded visitors away. Shiv offers dark to Prakash. Prakash says he will leave as he needs to bring baraat. Shiv says he has not completed his discussion yet and says he knows Prakash adores Gunjan a great deal as a little girl and he should tell first how he felt when he understood about Yogi’s stupid and hard of hearing nature. Prakash genuinely depicts.

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 30 September 2019

Shiv says Gunjan could sing when she was a 2 years of age, however, Yogi can’t sing or state I adore you to Gunjan. Prakash requests that he be explicit. At home, family show proceeds. Kamla bua acclaims Pari’s excellence and says he will make her as her bahu. Rani, Nisha, and Khushi advise her that Pari is Bengali. Kamla says in the event that she was not Bengali, she would have made her bahu and applies her nazar teeka with her kajal. Rani and Khushi stunt her and cause her to apply kajal on Pari’s cheeks, nose, temple, and so forth.

Bablu and Surjith carry bajawalas and hit the dance floor with baratis. Yogi prepares as lucky man and flag Kusum how is he looking. Kusum sincerely cries. Vivek requests that she cry now and not before baraat. Daadi asks where is Prakash. Khushi says father reprimands them to prepare soon. They all walk and make the most of Dadaji’s hit the dance floor with baratis. Dadaji inquires as to whether Prakash returned. Kusum asks Vivek to get Shiv and see whether Prakash left.

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