Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 26 August 2019 Written Update – Gunjan Gets Sad

Written Update: Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 26 August 2019 Written Update on

Today episode begins, Pari gets her mom’s call early morning and inquires as to whether she is resting. Pari indignantly says she is running. Mother says she isn’t in a state of mind to joke and says she and her dad are taking separation today. Pari says she knows as her dad effectively educated her last night. Mother shouts she realizes her dad is having illicit relationships. Pari asks not stop her show. Mother asks how might she agree with dad’s position when she supported her training.

Pari says her naani subsidized her instruction. Mother says naani is her mom and in a roundabout way she financed her training. Pari says she is burnt out on their battles and acclaims Shrivastav family solidarity. Mother keeps hollering and Pari separates call. Prakash gets Shiv’s call with respect to Yogi and Gunjan’s commitment next Sunday. Dadaji says he previously advised to complete it last Sunday itself. Prakash says if commitment occurs one week from now, the wedding additionally ought to happen soon, he is stressed over costs.

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 26 August 2019

Dadaji says he will break his FD. Prakash says no as he broke FD during Vivek’s wedding likewise, he himself needs to make his child’s wedding courses of action. Their exchange proceeds with when Rani strolls in and apologizes for yesterday’s troublemaking. Prakash says she ought to be sorry as she harmed Moin, he perceived how tragic Moin was. Yogi says they are not seeing Rani’s tears. Kusum asks she can examine her issues. Vivek says he will proceed to apologize Moin uncle.

Prakash requests that Rani apologize when Moin comes and says connections are made by giving and taking the appreciation and keep up one another’s respect. Khushi says let’s begin bhai commitment game plans. Prakash signals Yogi that he is fixing his commitment. Yogi rushes to the porch. Yogi dozes on the sofa outside Pari’s room. Pari hollers at him to escape her vision. Khushi enters and advises Yogi that daddy is calling him to settle on choices in regards to his commitment. Pari snidely says how might he get ready for marriage.

Yogi flag that he will wed soon and show her out of his room. Pari gets strained however acts. Khushi advises Yogi that Gunjan is bringing Suman aunt to Pari’s medical clinic. Yogi solicitations to go with him there. She says she won’t as Suman will question them. The two of them leave. Pari thinks an idiotic and hard of hearing a man is so anxious to get hitched, god tosses satisfaction on anybody he prefers. Yogi peeps from window and offers her choc, at that point chips, at that point laddoos. She energetically takes them and says he is slightly below average to blessing her, what does he need.

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