Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23 September 2019 Written Update – What Chacha says?

Written Update: Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23 September 2019 Written Update on

Yogi strolls towards Rani’s Chacha to apologize when Rani stops him and goes up against Chacha why Yogi ought to apologize him, for shielding Khushi from his grimy goals. Chacha acts and asks what is she saying. Rani says Chacha attacked her when she was 13 years of age and today he attempted to attack Khushi today.

Family is flabbergasted to hear that. Chacha says she resembles his little girl. Rani says she isn’t his little girl. Father asks what is she telling. She requests that her mom talk truth in any event now. Mother concurs that she stayed silent dreading society. Dadaji stands up to Chacha and cautions how could he is to attack his girl and bahu, he is a standoffish component and ought to be rebuffed.

Chacha says he is an exceptionally religious individual and didn’t wed after his better half’s demise. Dadaji yells to quiet down as he confides in his little girl and bahu and cautions him to escape his home. Chacha attempts to talk. Vivek cautions him to get out before he loses his control. Chacha strolls towards entryway when Dadaji stops him and requests that Rani slap him and set a model.

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23 September 2019

Rani slaps. Daadi requests to slap him again and show how wrong he was. Dadaji says his little girl and bahu are unadulterated and chacha’s wrongdoing is uncovered today. Rani slaps him once more. Prakash asks Bablu and Surjith to drag him out of region and discard him. The two of them drag chacha out. Rani breaks more. Family comforts her not to cry as she is unadulterated for eternity.

Pari reassures her next pursued by Yogi and Kabir attempting to perk her up. Vivek additionally joins and imitates monkey. Yogi and Surjith state even they will copy monkeys. Prakash reprimands that they are sufficient as jackasses. Rani keeps sobbing. Yogi sign let us play antakshari. Dadaji makes his group while Prakash makes his group. Family’s noj jhok and show proceeds.

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