Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14 October 2019 Written Update – What Dadaji asks?

Written Update: Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14 October 2019 Written Update on

The episode today 14th October 2019 begins, Gunjan cries hearing dismal tunes. Seema strolls in and attempts to reassure her colloquialism Shiv adores her a great deal and is simply stressed over her future. She reminds her a couple of youth stories and says Shiv is right in his manner.

Hireling strolls in and inquires as to whether he should keep blessing things in the vehicle. Seema asks Gunjan to overlook Yogi and proceed onward. Gautam strolls in and says father needs him to take shagun to Chauhan’s home, he won’t do that. Seema chastens him to pursue his dad’s organization.

Shiv strolls in asking to obey mummy and approaches Gunjan for what good reason didn’t she pick Roshan’s video call. Seema says they saw a video call however didn’t pick seeing the obscure number. Shiv says Gunjan can spare Roshan’s number.

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14 October 2019

Roshan video calls her and says he has seen her previously, recollects her accompanying a moronic and hard of hearing kid Yogi and says on the off chance that she doesn’t care for him, he can drop this commitment, yet he wouldn’t fret with Gunjan’s past and will never scrutinize her about it. Shiv discloses to Seema that Roshan is extremely understanding.

Rani and Nisha while cooking talk about whether Yogi ought to abscond or not. Kusum asks what are they examining. They change the theme. Pari with Khushi goes along with them later and demands them to be viable bhabhi and not sequential ones. She makes video call to Yogi and urges him to run off with Gunjan.

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