International Cricket Council (ICC)

ICC is known as International Cricket Council is the main authority to govern the cricket globally. ICC was founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by representatives from South Africa, Australia, and England. Members of Imperial Cricket Conference named it later in 1965 as International Cricket Conference until 1989 it worked under this label.

After 1989, it was named and pronounced as International Cricket Council, today ICC has 105 registered members including 12 Full Members that play Test matches and 93 associate members. Since ICC is responsible to conduct and govern all cricking leagues, games and eradicate conflicts arising between nations so their responsibility also changes time to time as per current situations especially when we talk about India and Pakistan series.

International Cricket Council (ICC)
International Cricket Council (ICC)

ICC also conducts a ceremony at the end of each year to give Awards in different categories like ICC Test Team of the Year, Player of the year, All-rounder of the year, Emerging player of the year, Best bowler, leading runs scorer in all formats of the cricket game like Tests, ODI’s and T20 Internationals.

Main events like ICC World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, ICC T20 World is also organized by ICC. They are also responsible to arrange unbiased umpires and referees that officially play their roles as described in the JD’s ordered by ICC in all formats of the game.

It promulgates ICC Code of Conduct if the player found guilty overruling the rules may be sanctioned life-time or partial imprisonment or fined, whatever the case scenario may be, or even some cases banned from International Cricket. ICC also monitors the activities of Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) mainly created by ICC to eradicate the layer of match-fixing and corruption.

ICC is not responsible to conduct Domestic, bilateral fixtures, leagues or any game with is out of the course of the ICC International policy, however, they may conduct security teams or any other team to get valuable information to safeguard the interests of International Players.

N.Srinivasan was the first Chairman of the Council on 26 June 2014 who was the former president of BCCI. Since the establishment of the Chairman of ICC, the role, responsibilities, and attached honor has been increased. Some changing in 2014 give a new shape to International Cricket when changes handed control to the “Big Three” consisting of India, England, and Australia. Zaheer Abbas from Pakistan was the last ICC President following the resignation of Mustafa Kamal in April 2015. Shashank Manohar is the first independent Chairman of ICC since Mr. Srinivasan left the post. Manu Sawhney is the current CEO of ICC who is the former CEO of Singapore Sports Hub and Managing Director of ESPN Star Sports (ESS).

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