Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8 Dec 2020: Episode Written Update, Manohar keeps the seat!

Written Update: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8 Dec 2020 episode, full written update.

The episode begins, Later Rajjo comes to the room and attempts to charm Happu. She hits the dance floor with energy, yet he has no energy to move. Following day, Manohar calls somebody and inquires as to whether he needs a guard for his home. Happu comes there and requests that he keep the seat. Manohar keeps the seat. Happu sits on it and says he has gotten extremely worn out. Manohar asks what will you do if your wallet is taken. Happu says I will request that the hoodlum take it.

Resham Pal comes there and asks Happu what will he do, in the event that he sees a man prodding a woman. Happu says I don’t need to do anything as the women are sharp today. He sees Resham Pal and asks Manohar to salute him for his benefit. Resham Pal says you have gotten languid and due to your apathy, numerous violations are occurring in the city. He says home service has kept disciplinary council on our indiscipline activities and on the off chance that we are seen as liable, at that point, I will become Inspector, you will get constable and Manohar will lose the employment.

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8 Dec 2020

Happu asks what is disciplinary? Manohar and Resham Pal say, however, Happu couldn’t articulate it. Resham Pal says who made you Inspector. He says we need to recruit an attorney to battle the case. They go to Beni. Resham Pal requests that he battle the case. Beni says we will compose that we don’t accomplish work appropriately.

Happu inquires as to why we will acknowledge our misstep? Beni says we will compose that all of you were unable to accomplish the work because of your spouses, as they cause them to accomplish all the work. Resham Pal values his thought. Beni requests 10000 Rs. each for his recommendation. Happu requests that he take less.

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