Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7 Dec 2020: Episode Written Update, Hritik offers to accomplish her work

Written Update: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7 Dec 2020 episode, full written update.

The Episode begins with Hritik and Ranbir are playing cricket. Ranbir says in the event that the ball goes out, at that point, you will bring it. He says I am burnt out on playing. Ranbir says I need to do a trip, life has gotten exhausting. Chamchi says Papa used to take us out previously. Rajjo says Papa used to take you out when he used to come early. Hritik offers to accomplish her work and advises that he needs to return home. Chamchi requests that she take them out. Happu returns home.

Ranbir approaches what will we accomplish for you. Happu is a lot tired and sits on the swing. She says you came early today. Hritik requests that he change the garments and afterward they will go out. Happu approaches Chamchi to bring water for her. He at that point asks Rajjo to bring his garments. Chamchi brings water. Happu requests that he make her beverage it with her hand. He at that point asks Rajjo to hold pad despite his good faith and lays on her shoulder. Rajjo says we will go out as children need to go.

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7 Dec 2020

Happu says he is a lot tired. He will take rest, eat, and afterward rest. He goes to the room. Rajjo and the children rest. Resham Pal goes to the PS and chides Manohar hearing his discussion with his better half. Happu comes to beni and whines that he is feeling unwell and can’t have his food with his hand. He requests that he cause him to have a drink with his hand. Beni causes him to have a drink with his hand. Happu’s telephone rings and he asks beni to see the call. Beni checks and says Resham Pal called. Happu asks him not to pick the call.

Beni says you are a Policeman and will be alarmed and laboring for 24 hours. Happu says he is feeling tired and acts languid. He covers himself with cover and rests. Later he returns home and asks Malaika to give the plate. Does he ask what is made? Amma says Matar Paneer and so forth Happu requests that they serve the food in his plate and bowl. (7th December 2020 episode Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, full written update).

Amma’s spoon tumbles down. She asks happu to bring it. Happu says somebody takes my breath. Amma takes the spoon from Malaika. Rajjo comes and inquires as to for what reason would he say he is not eating food? Happu says roti isn’t served. He inquires as to why the roti is dry. Rajjo says the canister is on the top rack and requests that he bring it down. Happu sends Ranbir to bring the canister down. Ranbir tumbles down and says he is doused in ghee. Rajjo asks Happu to go and see. Happu rests there itself. Kat goes to see Ranbir. Rajjo and Amma get stressed for Happu.

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