Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18 January 2021 Episode Written Update, What DADA ji thinks?

Written Update: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18 January 2021 episode.

The Episode begins with Chamchi revealing to Ranbir that the kid was prodding her. Ranbir and Hritik tell that they couldn’t bear it. Ranbir asks her not to tell anything at home. Manohar is tragic and crying in the PS. Happu comes there. Manohar says Jai rear, sir. Happu says you didn’t eat bread, pakoda and so on Manohar says he would prefer not to eat.

Happu causes him to sit on his seat. Manohar cries embracing Happu. Resham Pal comes there and feels contrite, reveals to Manohar that he was unable to give him privileges of a child. Manohar requests that he sit and says I will leave. Resham Pal requests that he call him Papa once. Manohar calls him Papa. Resham buddy says I came to take you home and guarantees him. Happu says I implore that your Jodi stays for eternity. He requests that Manohar have food now. Manohar eats. Resham Pal offers cash to Happu.

Amma reveals to Dada ji that Happu once asked cash from her, however got back with revenue. Dada ji asks do you have such a lot of cash? Amma says yes. Dada ji is in Rajjo give her flying kiss and goes. Chamchi discloses to her siblings that she didn’t tell Dadi till now. Ranbir says Chamchi got the work to play band. Rajjo says she got the great work as she does here, playing drum. Chamchi cries. Amma assuages her. Chamchi tells that they have accomplished something today and says they have beaten a kid in school.

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18 January 2021

She says a kid told that today he failed to remember spoon at home and requests that she come. Hritik says he prodded her as well. Ranbir says that is the reason he broke his face. Rajjo asks who right? Hritik says Manu Awasti. Rajjo reprimands him. hritik requests that she hear completely. Ranbir says Principal sir called me and Papa to class. Rajjo blows up.

Amma thinks Dada ji went out from Rajjo’s body. Dada ji asks Kamlesh for what good reason did he enter his home around evening time? Kamlesh says this resembles my home, where I go back and forth routinely. Dada ji reprimands him and asks do you love Kat? Kamlesh asks will you slap me? Dada ji slaps him. Kamlesh says no. Dada ji inquires as to whether Kat is your sister?

Kamlesh says no. Dada ji slaps him. Kamlesh says we are simply companions. Dada ji slaps him and requests that he send his dad. Kamlesh goes. Chief meets Rajjo and Happu and tells that Hritik and Ranbir beating Manu gravely. Rajjo reprimands them. Chief says Manu’s dad Anu Awasti is the trustee here. Rajjo chooses to send them to inn. Chief requests that they change Chamchi’s name. Dada ji gets inside Rajjo and asks what is his concern. Happu gets stunned and requests that he quiet down.

Chief gets apprehensive and stows away under the bed. Dada ji says on the off chance that somebody advises anything to my fabulous little girl, at that point her siblings will battle with him. He says even we pay the charges. Chief says alright. Dada ji says my child is an Inspector here and requests that Happu state. Happu says Principal is as of now stressed. Dada ji goes. Chief asks Happu what is this issue? Happu says my dad’s spirit entered him.

Sudarshan comes and says he is Kamlesh’s dad. Kat comes there and welcomes him. Amma asks what is the issue? Sudarshan tells that they have brought collusion for Kat. Kat is stunned. Amma says Kat’s folks will talk when they come here. Happu and Rajjo come here. Sudarshan says we came here for Kat and Kamlesh’s marriage. Happu says Kat is youthful for marriage. Dada ji gets inside Rajjo and slaps Happu. He says Kat is of eligible age. Dada ji goes out. Rajjo won’t get them hitched. Dada ji says once marriage occurs, at that point Kamlesh will assume up the liability. Rajjo won’t give consent. Sudarshan contrasts lady and Naagin.

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