Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Amma tells all to Rajjo

Written Update: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

Its episode time. Happu says aren’t you feeling disgrace to state that it was a little battle. Amma says I will make Rajjo comprehend not to battle with me. Happu says you didn’t see your error. Rajjo came and tell that Amma is astute. I disclosed to her that she was cow when she was hitched to him. He says both of you can’t be correct. Amma says even I did botch and requests that he get back home. She requests that he make Happu get it.

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1 July 2019

beni says he is developed enough. Amma folds her hand and says I am collapsing my hands before you. Happu shuts his eyes, says I am visually impaired and can’t see. She says I can’t eat until you come. Happu asks beni what to do. Amma slaps Beni and says wouldn’t you be able to request that he go. Beni requests that he go. Happy tells that I will return home, however, won’t eat nourishment. He burps.

Amma requests that he have something. Following day, the children are going to class. Happu reproves the children. Rajjo asks the children not to leave Tiffin and water bottles in school. Malaika says I am wearing didi’s uniform. Kamlesh comes and calls Kat. Kat comes and says hello there Kamlesh. Kamlesh acquaints her with Raj. Raj says how are you? He talks like Malaika. Kat says he resembles Malaika.

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1 July 2019

Rajjo asks Kamlesh to drop them. Kat says I am going with him. Kamlesh says Raj will drop you. Rajjo asks Kamlesh to drive gradually. Amma asks Happu to drink tea. Happu tosses the tea in the side. Rajjo irons his uniform. Happu comes there subsequent to washing. Rajjo says you washed up quick. Happu pitches fits and inquires as to whether he will get grimy and wash up and make all water squandered. Rajjo says I didn’t state this, why you are pitching fits. Happu asks her not to converse with him.

He takes out another uniform to wear. Rajjo says I have squeezed this uniform. He sits on that uniform and says he will do what he needs. Rajjo requests that he wear subsequent to having sustenance. He says he would prefer not to eat and goes. Rajjo supposes he is weird. Amma makes happu’s most loved halwa and calls him. She says my lalla got powerless. Happu says he is fit.

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1 July 2019

Amma says I made halwa for my child and requests that he open his mouth. Happu says I am not eager, I would prefer not to eat. He is tired of everybody and need to go peacefully. Amma says little contentions occur in each house. Happu says in the event that I don’t remain here, at that point you both will have a battle as well.

He says there is no compelling reason to eat. Rajjo brings tiffin for him. He requests that her offer tiffin to Vimla who agitated her saas and spouse. He turns out and asks Beni what he brought. Beni says Omelet. Happu says everybody is imagining that I am ravenous and says now he feels that there is no reason to worry.

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