Hamariwali Good News 5 Dec 2020: Episode Written Update, Renuka signs Navya!

Written Update: Indian drama Hamariwali Good News 5 Dec 2020 episode.

The drama begins, Everybody comes in. Renuka gets tea. Adi expresses profound gratitude, I required this. Renuka signs Navya. Navya gets strained. Renuka thinks Navya is strained for reasons unknown. Sumitra’s child comes and welcomes. She says my significant other called and said he can’t come in the marriage, he is still there in Kedarnath and there was an avalanche. She requests that they do the haldi rasam. Navya thinks to converse with Adi and Renuka, she won’t let wrong occur with Anchal.

She approaches Adi to come for a devil talk. Sumitra requests that her hold up. Alok and Preeti accompany haldi. Preeti says Alok is working since morning. Sumitra requests that they come. Navya figures I won’t let Anchal get this haldi. Sumitra asks Navya to take the haldi. She acts to fall and makes haldi tumble down. Alok gazes at her. Navya says my foot got turned. Adi takes her and asks are you getting bleary-eyed. Sumitra chides Navya. Navya says sorry, I slipped. Alok says when you are pregnant, you shouldn’t slip.

Hamariwali Good News 5 Dec 2020

Sumitra asks by what means will the rasam get total at this point. Alok says we will blend some haldi in this haldi bowl. Preeti takes Renuka with her. Sumitra takes Navya and inquires as to for what reason did you do this. Navya says truly, I made the haldi tumble down, this marriage shouldn’t occur, Sanjay takes part in extramarital entanglements with Aishwarya, he needs to wed Anchal just to get youngsters, he doesn’t cherish her. Indu gets stunned. Navya says Anchal will never remain glad if this marriage occurs, don’t allow this union to occur. Renuka says you understand what you are stating. Navya says truly, I have seen it myself.

Sumitra reprimands and damages Navya. She says we won’t let these seemingly insignificant details break relations, in the event that you do anything, at that point, I won’t leave you. She compromises Navya and Renuka. Renuka asks Navya to come. Navya says I committed a major error. Renuka asks how could you know this about Sanjay, for what reason didn’t you let me know. Navya says I didn’t wish you to get accused. Renuka asks what are you covering up, let me know. Sumitra says I have cautioned Navya, yet she won’t sit calm.

Hamariwali Good News 5 Dec 2020

She calls Lallan. She tells something. She asks him not to commit any errors. She says Navya has seen my indignation, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what I can do out of frustration. Renuka says it implies Alok got that letter and afterward he held it back, I m embarrassed about it. Navya says we are powerless to lie, Alok is coercing us. Renuka says don’t stress for me, I won’t let Anchal’s life get demolished, we need to consider something. Navya says Alok and Sumitra need the union to occur.

Renuka says I will converse with Mukund. Mukund comes to Sumitra. She breaks a chain and says this chain broke, I needed to make Sanjay wear it, simply get this chain traded. He says fine, I will proceed to come. He goes. She calls Lallan and says now your way is clear, I have sent Mukund to shop. Ashraf calls Navya and requests storeroom keys. Lallan says I will bring the things, you go. Ashraf goes. Renuka searches for Mukund. Navya goes to the storeroom and says where is Ashraf. Lallan abducts Navya.

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