Hamari Bahu Silk 7 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Served B-grade Natasha

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Baa stops Rimjhim’s allegations over Pakhi. She says she isn’t worried about whatever Pakhi or Rimjhim did; she is tragic for the disrespect of Parekh Catering’s name. She cries with a wrecked heart. She leaves the kitchen, so does every other person. Pakhi was resolved not to give Baa or her business a chance to pass on. The following morning, Pakhi was pounding a drum on a phase set in the area. Everybody from the region accumulates around, including the Parekh Family. Pakhi makes that big appearance and requests that everybody see this lady, Baa.

They all know this woman as Parekh Behn. In any case, her protective face is phony, she is really a dyan who needs to harm their children. Naksh comes to the stage and reprimands Pakhi for talking sick. Pakhi says even Baa’s grandson must be embarrassed about his grandma. This are the news everybody heard on TV channels and news. She will come clean with them. She divulges the blinds behind her.

Hamari Bahu Silk 7 October 2019

Everybody was stunned to see a gathering of youngsters wearing veils of Baa’s face. Behind that plays Baa’s phony video and the one of Baa’s capture. Naksh murmurs Pakhi to turn it off. Pakhi says now they will watch the video which made police discharge Baa on the prison. She presently plays the video blundered as the monitor. The police likewise understood that Baa was being caught in this outrage.

She says at any rate the neighbors ought to have confided in Baa and remained with them. She helps one to remember the neighbors Manoj, that it was Baa who nourished his kids when he moved into the region. She says she has heard this from the neighbors. How they could undoubtedly put stock in all the phony tricks against Baa. Baa has consistently remained by her standards and qualities. The neighbors apologize Baa and wish Baa sends their kids’ tiffin. The kids rushed to Baa and supplements Baa’s providing food nourishment. Baa gestures at Pakhi and embraces her, with a wide grin all over.

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