Hamari Bahu Silk 7 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Pakhi Cries Silently

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She asks Naksh for what reason he kept it concealed at that point. Naksh says he didn’t have the fearlessness, he is a miscreant. He enlightens Naksh regarding the night when he was tanked, and he had esteemed it was Pakhi with her. Rimjhim coerced him else she would tell the entire family. He cries and fell into her feet for a statement of regret, as it was an enormous mix-up.

Pakhi was in a doubt and says their adoration wasn’t delicate. Naksh was worried as she cries and sits with him on her knees. She asks how Naksh could conceal such an immense issue; he ought to have disclosed to her before. She realizes he can’t be traitorous in any event, when smashed. She doesn’t trust Rimjhim by any means. She helps Naksh stand up and guarantee her help for him, regardless of what the world thinks. Pakhi and Naksh embrace one another.

Later in the room, Naksh again apologizes Pakhi. Pakhi says it wasn’t his mix-up. Rimjhim constrained him. Naksh inquires as to whether she cherishes him, and trust him. Pakhi answers, more than herself. Rimjhim goes to the room. Naksh without a moment’s delay pushes Pakhi away and yells he doesn’t need her and any medications from her. Pakhi says Naksh has lost his memory, might be. Naksh brings Rimjhim inside and advises her to let Pakhi leave. Rimjhim pushes Pakhi out, at that point inquires as to whether Naksh is faking this.

Hamari Bahu Silk 7 November 2019

Naksh says okay, Rimjhim probably thought he likewise messes around like her. Pakhi came in the room, yet he sent her away with his unpleasant talk. Rimjhim says Naksh has no other choice yet to be with her. Naksh requests some more confirmations of that night. Rimjhim says she has guarded them, will show them if necessary. Naksh demands her not to demonstrate them to the world, he will do what she asks him to.

Pakhi had persuaded Naksh to locate the verification. She demanded Rimjhim is lying, on the grounds that Naksh was flushed and doesn’t recollect that anything. He ponders where Rimjhim has shrouded all the verification. Pakhi gave him a proposal and persuaded that this strategy would work. Afterward, Mamta blessings sarees to Pakhi and Mosmi. Mosmi and Pakhi proceed to wear the dresses. Rimjhim comes to grab the saree as it’s for the girl in the law of the house. Mamta reprimands her to give it back.

Hamari Bahu Silk 7 November 2019

Rimjhim says she is the girl in the law of the family, and she will wear the dress. Naksh comes to guard Rimjhim as she is legitimate of the saree. He advises Rimjhim to go to the room and change in the new dress. Mamta was strained what had happened to Naksh, she vows to bring another saree. Pakhi made certain to get every one of the privileges of being a girl in law.

Rimjhim comes on the first floor and finds the family cheerful and charming. She fakes a fall and calls Naksh for help. Naksh sees it’s a foot strain. Pakhi signals Naksh, who reluctantly conveys Rimjhim in his arms. Everybody from the family was vexed, Pakhi figures she can’t advise anybody this is to relinquish Rimjhim. Mamta chooses to address Rimjhim now.

Afterward, Pakhi goes to Rimjhim’s life with the plate of nourishment. Rimjhim says they should acknowledge Pakhi, she needs to watch Naksh with her. Pakhi says she is certain she will get Naksh back when his memory recuperates. Rimjhim says once when she and Naksh. Pakhi asks what? She says once they head off to someplace, she won’t let Naksh meet anybody. Naksh goes to the room.

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