Hamari Bahu Silk 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Baa apologizes to Bhai Jee

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Naksh discovers Pakhi strained while perusing the messages. Pakhi says it’s Ratti, asking on the off chance that she got the house. Naksh says they have been going after for their home here. In the lobby, Mosmi purposely slips off a stair and cries as her muscle has been turned. Mamta comes outside. Mosmi says something was spilled over the stair. Baa was disturbed and admonishes Mosmi for crying, and advises Mamta to proceed to bring the salve. Mosmi stances of getting unsteady. Baa was irritated.

Everybody had assembled in the corridor. Ketan carries a chamber to the kitchen and gets the upgraded one supplanted by an old chamber, keeping cash in his own pocket. He values Mosmi’s arranging, everybody would think Pakhi left the gas on. Ketan goes to the lobby appearing for Mosmi. Baa sniffs a smell and asks what’s going on. Pakhi what’s more, other hurried to the kitchen where gas got spilled. Naksh says there is no gas in the chamber now, and they don’t have a reinforcement also.

Hamari Bahu Silk 5 July 2019

Outside in the corridor, Baa chastens Pakhi for leaving the gas on. Baa says they will lose this request of today’s, however she should go to the next gathering for another request. She advises Pakhi to leave before she returns. Pakhi says they can’t leave this way, sustenance will be prepared without a doubt and in time. Pakhi and Naksh go to advertise and asks about obtaining chamber.

They were strained as chambers weren’t accessible anyplace around. Pakhi slips out and about while Naksh holds her in his arms. Pakhi was cognizant as he had set a hand behind her. Pakhi recognizes some wood at a slow down merchant and gets a thought. She expresses gratitude toward God for the thought. They light the forested areas in the lawn and enjoy cooking.

Mosmi and Ketan look briefly. Mosmi says she got her foot broken, yet Pakhi is as yet working. Ketan shares another thought with Mosmi. In the corridor, everybody was strained as Pakhi got a call from Bhai Jee’s secretary that he just needs Satvic Chinese. There in the room, Mosmi values Ketan’s presentation as Bhai Jee’s phony secretary. Pakhi and Naksh were not able to find what Satvic Chinese is.

Hamari Bahu Silk 5 July 2019

Janki says Satvic is nourishment without onion, garlic, and flavors. In the event that they cook such Chinese sustenance, it would be Satvic Chinese. Pakhi and Naksh merrily embrace Janki for the thought and head to work. Pakhi over and over gets messages from Natasha however disregards them. They cook Chinese.

Pinky keeps informing Pakhi and feels terse that Pakhi didn’t answer a solitary message. There, Pakhi and Naksh were caught up with cooking. They hear Bhai Jee arrive an hour sooner. Mosmi and Ketan welcome him by bowing before him. Mosmi murmurs this was the best trap, she welcomed Bhai Jee an hour sooner.

Bhai Jee gets some information about the sustenance. Pakhi comes to welcome Bhai Jee, and sends her petitions and welcome for the boss also. She acquaints Naksh with Bhai Jee as Baa’s grandson. She says he wishes to be a picture taker. Bhai Jee favors that he would clearly succeed. Pakhi says she has persuaded Naksh that on the off chance that he clicks photographs of individuals from Aashram, their positive forces will lead Naksh to progress. Bhai Jee permits Naksh to take their photographs.

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