Hamari Bahu Silk 4 June 2019 Epi 2 Written Update – Turn to see Pakhi had left

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Natasha asks Aakash for what good reason they can’t discover a naming craftsman straightforwardly. Aakash reveals to her that any great naming craftsman would be prepared to work for their film. He needs a crisp voice for wicked Natasha. Pakhi seeks a meeting. The questioner reveals to Pakhi they need a post graduate for the post. Pakhi says she has an ability for the activity and fakes a call to a customer in her changed sweet voice.

Hamari Bahu Silk 4 June 2019 Epi 2

The questioner gives a publication of RJ chase to Pakhi and says this may be the ideal spot for her. Pakhi thinks this RJ chase maybe her place. There was a gigantic group for RJ chase. Pakhi’s companion was of the view that they may never get their turn. Pakhi goes to leave. Token number 122 was called inside. Pakhi thinks about a thought, her companion says her number is 221. Pakhi pivots the token, it ends up 122.

  • Drama: Hamari Bahu Silk
  • Episode No.: 2
  • Date: 4th June 2019
  • Channel: Zee Tv

She goes inside for the tryout. In the tryout room, she was offered guidelines to peruse the lines in a devious manner. She peruses a couple of lines, at that point, asks who talks such lines on the radio. Aakash was bothered and advises Rocky to pick up the pace. Rough advises Pakhi on the off chance that she is unfit to talk the lines and unconfident, she can leave. Pakhi takes the test. She talks the lines, in enticing voice. Aakash grins while Natasha’s eyes shimmer.

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