Hamari Bahu Silk 3 June 2019 Epi 1 Written Update – Kapadia tells Aakash

Written Update: Hamari Bahu Silk 3 June 2019 Epi 1 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Portrayal: Good occupations must be verified with either reference or a degree, and Pakhi had nothing from what was just mentioned. The inquiry of employment takes Pakhi to places. A young lady has appeared in the bar. After the presentation, the executive values their work. He pursues Kapadia. Kapadia denies making this film, it’s refuse. Kapadia guides him to how about we sit together and watch this poo. Kapadia discloses to Aakash this isn’t a clasp of a couple of minutes, it’s a motion picture of 2.5 hours.

This male voice won’t work. The young lady turns out. Kapadia accuses that Aakash and Natasha double-crossed him; he at first idea she had an awful throat. Natasha inquires as to whether he truly implies who might watch Natasha. She glances around to see a young fellow. Kapadia discloses to her he is a world-class ripper. Natasha strolls towards him while Aakash attempts to stop her.

Hamari Bahu Silk 3 June 2019 Epi 1

Natasha kisses the ripper in the midst of a considerable number of media. The journalists film the kiss for making it viral. Natasha winks at the ripper and strolls back towards Kapadia. She says this kiss clasp got five lac loves inside a couple of minutes. Kapadia says on the screen, the image as well as issues. Aakash persuades them that they are finding a naming voice for Natasha. Kapadia leaves. Natasha was seething and says this film is her fantasy. She advises Aakash to discover a voice as it were.

At home, a young lady lay on his sofa and talked in a sweet voice. It was Pakhi. He addressed an elderly person, who coyly addresses her. At the same time, Pakhi bounces off the lounge chair and holes up behind it as the elderly person leaves the room. She cuts the call of the elderly person. The elderly person longs for a champion Sitara. Pakhi shows up from behind the love seat and inquires as to whether he is home. She was looking down on the floor and reveals to Kaka she lost two thousand. Kaka advises her to go, he will return it to her whenever found. Pakhi feels terse that what sort of individuals have assumed control over the house.

Hamari Bahu Silk 3 June 2019 Epi 1

Afterward, Pakhi was with a companion at the shoreline. Her companion discloses to Pakhi she may get captured in this snare. Pakhi says she needs to send her covetous Kaka Kaku from her house, it’s the place of her dad and after he left these Kaka Kaku came to settle, they have transformed her and her Ayi into servants in recent years. She calls him as Sitara just to get back to him, and it is by all accounts working at this point.

Aakash and Natasha were going in a vehicle for RJ chase. Aakash discloses to Natasha he will get the naming craftsman through this chase and needs this for the film. The companion reveals to Pakhi that graduates never find a new line of work, she should go to postgraduate. Pakhi says postgraduate needs cash, and her Baba is no more to fund. She should get a new line of work, and she is continually taking the meeting.

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