Hamari Bahu Silk 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Baa forbids Naksh to advocate

Written Update: Hamari Bahu Silk 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

Aakash reveals to Pakhi whatever she is doing isn’t right. Pakhi reminds him the time he got the agreement marked from her, and she was arguing for his assistance in her Ayi’s case. She was at that point sure Natasha was behind it. Natasha tersely says Pakhi can’t frighten Natasha Mitra. Pakhi says she ponders what might media think when police would handcup Natasha and take her to imprison.

Natasha yells however Aakash quiets her. Aakash says Pakhi can’t do it. Pakhi requests Aakash a similar arrangement as he had set, contract or correctional facility. They should restore the first duplicate of her agreement, and she will pull back her grievance. Else Natasha will go to imprison and should shoot behind the bars, Sulagta Jism behind the Bars. She reminds Aakash his inquiries, Contract or Jail, and today she responds the inquiry over Natasha. Aakash concurs furthermore, goes inside to bring the Contract Copy.

Hamari Bahu Silk 3 July 2019

Aakash says they just got the agreement marked to demonstrate it to maker, however it’s okay if Pakhi doesn’t confide in them. Pakhi peruses the select account contract and takes a lighter to consume it. Natasha declares, the game isn’t yet finished. Pakhi answers, it has finished for her. Aakash gets some information about the investigator. Pakhi answers this is the distinction among her and Natasha, she won’t overlook her guarantee.

Outside, Pakhi apologizes the investigator that there was a misconception. The examiner values Pakhi’s endeavors for getting the two young ladies grabbed. Pakhi wish Natasha a good luck and leaves. Kapadia asks what the issue is, the reason police went to his office; he minds that he needs a similar naming voice for his film.

Naksh remained outside the house with Pakhi and Janki. Janki was apprehensive and not prepared to come in. Naksh persuades them that Baa resembles coconut, hard from outside yet delicate on the most fundamental level. He instructs them to sit tight for quite a while and he will address Baa. Inside the lobby, Baa tosses the sacks over Naksh. She was angry and says Naksh can’t remain here.

Naksh asks what he has done. Baa calls Mosmi and plays the video for Naksh. Baa says that individuals from Parekh family can’t think what he has done. Ketan discloses to Mosmi that Baa is going to oust Naksh from the house, shouldn’t something be said about her sister now.

Mosmi advocates that Naksh is youthful and Baa must pardon him. Baa says she can’t excuse Naksh for demolishing the name of their family. Janki keeps running outside and thinks whether Baa can’t excuse her grandson, how she would pardon them. Pakhi says Naksh is stuck in an unfortunate situation as a result of them, they can’t leave.

Natasha was baffled in her condo. She was enraged over Pakhi’s arrangement. Aakash comes to accuse that its Natasha’s down, she began this all. He could have effectively got her Ayi discharged, however Natasha needed a retribution. He attempts to get some sense in Natasha, still Natasha says she will do anything other than get a vengeance from Pakhi.

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