Hamari Bahu Silk 26 June 2019 Written Update – Some Ladies Blame Ayi

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Pakhi was stunned to see Aakash remaining behind him. Aakash solicits Pakhi what is the incentive from her voice, her arrangement more likely than not been to expand her rates. Pakhi says she didn’t have any plans, and she doesn’t need any cash; she can’t name for Natasha.

Aakash inquires as to why. Pakhi says he knows the appropriate responses great. Ayi gets a call from Ashok. He is sorry Ayi for all that he did. He says he has orchestrated an occupation for Pakhi, and a home close to the ocean.

Ayi says she will send him Pakhi’s other number. Aakash demands Pakhi that there is no damage in naming for Natasha. Pakhi says no A-grade craftsman will give their voice to Natasha, at that point why her. Aakash says Pakhi isn’t any A-grade craftsman. What’s more, she needs cash as of now, along these lines she will proceed with her activity and get cash for naming as well.

Hamari Bahu Silk 26 June 2019

Baa derides Ayi’s weight alongside other ladies from neighbors. Naksh goes to his room and talks about with Mamta why such an excess of insulting and disfavor to Janki by all ladies. He reveals to Mamta he lost his employment also. Ayi rascals Baa’s hand far from hers, and represents herself. She says she is exhausted of this bazaar where Baa is the ring man and treats everybody as the creature. Her brother by marriage orchestrated a house for them, they will before the long move to the center of Mumbai.

Aakash pays a 5 lac check to Pakhi for a solitary film. Pakhi says her Ayi encouraged her that any deal consequently of her effortlessness and sense of pride goes in misfortune. Aakash tears the check and says her Ayi didn’t encourage her that one get lifetime open doors for once in a lifetime. In the event that she can’t name for Natasha, she will lose this employment also.

Naksh goes to the room and attempts Pakhi’s number. He needed to caution Pakhi that Ayi has lost the house. Ashok gets the number from Janki. He dials the number and acknowledges it was Sitara’s number. He calls Pakhi and caught her in the act. After the call, Pakhi watches her other telephone and discovers Naksh’s calls.

Hamari Bahu Silk 26 June 2019

In the loft, Aakash reveals to Natasha that Pakhi needn’t bother with cash. She supposes their work does not merit her voice and will never name for her. Natasha says Pakhi did what she needed to, presently she will make her strides as she wishes.

Pakhi returns home. Ayi was sitting outside the house and reveals to Pakhi that Baa has removed them. Ayi reveals to Pakhi that Ashok is atoning, he has organized a vocation and a house for them. Pakhi reveals to Ayi that Ashok hasn’t changed by any means, even she addressed him.

She says Ayi must have at any rate hung tight for her before making any strides. Naksh heard this discussion from the gallery upstairs. Baa goes to the entryway and asks what the issue is. She stops an auto for them to leave. Naksh had come outside. Baa says Naksh had been correct, she wasn’t right in perceiving their genuine nature.

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