Hamari Bahu Silk 25 June 2019 Written Update – Aakash offers 5 lack cheque to Pakhi

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Pakhi returns home with crushing sadness and tears in her eyes. Naksh was leaving home. He welcomes Pakhi with a Hi, at that point spots she was lost in profound considerations. Naksh stops Pakhi, she wasn’t in a state of mind to address him. What he needs now. Naksh says he realizes she erased the photos from his camera. Pakhi advises Naksh to do whatever he wish; at the most he will get her expelled from the house.

Naksh says she is taking it off-base. Pakhi gripes that everybody thinks about her as off-base. Naksh puts his hand over her mouth to stop her. He says he needed to say thanks to her, yet ponders where she gets all the vitality. Pakhi approaches a debt of gratitude is in order for what. Naksh says for sending her photographs to the paper. Natasha was making up. Aakash gazed towards her. Natasha wasn’t liable without a moment’s delay, and says she esteemed it critical to spare her profession.

Hamari Bahu Silk 25 June 2019

There was a news on air wherein medications were found in entertainer Kiara’s pack. Natasha set the parcel into Kiara’s sack during their battle in Kapadia’s office. Aakash chooses not to inform Natasha regarding Pakhi’s voice, he should initially persuade Pakhi to loan her voice to Natasha. Ayi goes to Baa’s kitchen and says Pakhi buckles down for their family unit. She wished to give her some turmeric milk, yet she had no milk. Baa advises Mamta to give her a glass of turmeric milk. Baa was suspicious if Pakhi was dreaming up everything to abstain from paying rent in time. Ayi answers not in the slightest degree.

Baa says Pakhi must be worn out, after all showing isn’t a simple occupation. Ayi was questionable over Baa’s learning and says Pakhi is a bookkeeper at a CA. Baa ponders what’s happening in this house. Pakhi heard the exchange. She comes to disclose to Baa that they are both right, she works in a school and there she is bookkeeper to CA; she doesn’t need to educate. She gets some information about Ayi’s activity. Baa gets some information about her school name. Their little girl in law comes to take Baa and Mamta as he has come over. The women come to gathering. A young fellow comes inside and lay into Baa’s feet.

Hamari Bahu Silk 25 June 2019 

Baa was elated as he welcomes Baa, Baa inquires as to why he took such a long time in a companion’s wedding. Naksh comes ground floor and spots him. Pakhi swallows the entire glass of turmeric milk. Ayi asks why Baa thought she was a teacher. Pakhi says it must be a misconception. Ayi inquires as to whether that attack was likewise on the school that night. Pakhi persuades Ayi that CA have various customers, and that strike was at a customer’s place. She guarantees Ayi to have confidence in her Pakhi.

On the table, Naksh tells the family that he has an occupation. The other man Ketan persuade Naksh to join the built up business of their family. Naksh says Baa has a child in law Ketan to assume control over the business, why despite everything she stops him at that point. Baa says she needs Naksh to submit all errors before her. Ketan’s better half says she is glad that Naksh at long last has an occupation, else he just holds gear for the occupants. Naksh advises her to tend to her very own concerns. Baa cautions Naksh to keep regard of everybody at home.

Pakhi washes with cleanser water for lying. She cries in the washroom that to what extent this will proceed. She gets a call from Aakash. Aakash discloses to Pakhi he stopped for a moment to chat with Natasha, however he needs to address Pakhi about something. He welcomes Pakhi to Natasha’s photograph shoot studio.

The following morning, Naksh sets the camera and foundation for the photograph shoot to start. Aakash was in a similar studio hanging tight for Pakhi. Pakhi ventures inside from behind. Naksh takes a nearby of Natasha and angrily asks what she is doing at his shoot. Natasha remembers him as the mishap fellow. Both have an encounter. Naksh says he is the picture taker and came here for photograph shoot. Natasha brags that a number people can run a family simply because of her. Naksh backs off and wasn’t prepared to do Natasha’s photograph shoot, regardless.

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