Hamari Bahu Silk 24 June 2019 Written Update – Aakash Follows Pakhi & Thinks

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Baa plays wind ludo, while her little girl in-laws climb the number of stairs. The ball was in Janki’s court to climb 5 stairs. Janki was unfit to stand any longer. Baa comes to affront Janki. Naksh carries a glass of water to Janki as she may blackout at this point. Baa desires Janki not to have it, she needs to thin down. In the loft, Pinky lights Natasha against Pakhi as it was the last opportunity to find that young lady. Pakhi joins her hands to Natasha, mentioning her for pardoning. Natasha was harmed by Kapadia’s affront.

Hamari Bahu Silk 24 June 2019

Naksh helps Ayi putting packs over the closet. Ayi was grateful to Naksh and says Pakhi is occupied more often than not. She knows Naksh and Pakhi don’t get along well. Be that as it may, Pakhi is great on the most fundamental level, and has dealt with her dependable. There, Pinky held Pakhi on the lounge chair while Natasha does her makeover. She chooses that Pakhi will presently progress toward becoming Natasha and her video will turn into a web sensation. Detaches fell Pakhi’s eyes as Natasha rubs overwhelming cosmetics over her face.

Natasha says Pakhi was very much aware that the voice is her life, still, she grabbed it. Pakhi quietly supposes she will never loan her voice to her shoddy movies. Ayi reveals to Naksh that Pakhi’s uncle promptly grabbed their home from them, yet Pakhi bears every one of the issues with a grin like her dad dependably did. Natasha brings a short dress and advises Pakhi to wear it. Pakhi was not prepared to wear the dress. Aakash comes there angrily and yells at Natasha to stop it. He says Natasha made enjoyment of herself and plays the viral video of Natasha’s video.

Hamari Bahu Silk 24 June 2019

He cautions that Kapadia will presently demolish her notoriety and vocation. Natasha expels Pakhi from work and leaves. Aakash confronts Pakhi directly. Afterward, Pakhi was crying. Aakash comes to Pakhi. He says he was likewise furious at Pakhi, yet Natasha didn’t carry on appropriately with her. He advises Pakhi to return home and take some rest. Aakash heads inside. Pakhi gets a call from Chacha.

She powers a grin over her face and accepts the call. Aakash went to the corridor to accept a call and catches Pakhi’s voice from outside the loft. He perceives the voice on the double. Pakhi advises her Chacha she met various men in Mumbai to deal with her business, yet couldn’t get anybody like him. Aakash had achieved directly behind Pakhi and marvels if it’s truly Pakhi? Pakhi strolls the first floor while still available to come back to work. Aakash pursues Pakhi and supposes he has been searching for this voice.

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