Hamari Bahu Silk 23 September 2019 Written Update – Pakhi and Naksh Marriage

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Naksh and Rimjhim go into seventh wedding round. There was a slug shot in air. Pakhi remained at the entryway with weapon in her grasp. Everybody was panicked. Baa thinks about whether Pakhi can tumble to such a degree. Pakhi wasn’t prepared to hear anything. She attempted to disclose to them all, however nobody tuned in to her. Rimjhim rushes Baa to take the seventh round, she is prepared to try and bite the dust for Naksh. Pakhi discloses to Rimjhim she isn’t care for her, she won’t execute any other individual for narrow minded reason.

Pakhi place the weapon over her own temple and says she will slaughter her ownself. Janki cries. Naksh inquires as to whether this is the manner by which she will compel him, after this. Pakhi discloses to Naksh the choice must be taken later. At this moment, it is possible that he weds Rimjhim and watch her kick the bucket, or take seven wedding rounds with her.

Baa inquires as to whether she wish to drag them in law case in the wake of biting the dust. Pakhi says not at all like Rimjhim, she brought the genuine letter note. Perusing the letter, nobody will be in a tough situation; she just wish to know Naksh’s choice. She encourages Naksh to make some noise. Naksh observes quietly for some time, at that point expels the Gathbandhan with Rimjhim leaves the Mandap. Pakhi strolls towards the inverse Mandap with him, and keeping in mind that her weapon still on her temple she reveals to Pandit ji to begin the wedding. Janki asks Pakhi what she is doing. She doesn’t tune in to Janki. The wedding rounds start.

Hamari Bahu Silk 23 September 2019

Pakhi’s past, getting to be destitute, working for Natasha and her recollections with Naksh streak in her psyche. The last three wedding rounds are driven by Pakhi herself. She contemplates Rimjhim slaughtering her own sister’s life. Naksh stops by in the center. Pakhi goes to hold his hand while they proceed with the walk. After the wedding rounds, Pakhi requests the Sindoor and afterward hands Mangal sooter to Naksh. Naksh turns away from Pakhi while he puts the mangal sooter on. The Pandit declares the wedding is finished, they are life partners before the general public, law and God. Pakhi puts the firearm down. She quietly apologizes Naksh as this was the best way to ensure him and their family.

Afterward, Janki cries and asks Pakhi for what reason she did all that. Pakhi apologizes, she knows nobody is content with her today. She did this to secure the family, else Rimjhim. Baa breakdown. Naksh attempts to keep running towards her yet was pulled by the Gathbandhan. He discards it. Rimjhim pulls Pakhi away from Baa and denies her to try and attempt and contact Baa.

Pakhi hurt Baa as she chose her for Naksh. Pakhi grabbed Naksh from her. She will end Pakhi’s down. She holds Pakhi at weapon point. Everybody was stunned to see this, and advises Rimjhim to put the firearm down. Rimjhim was resolved to end Pakhi’s life.

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