Hamari Bahu Silk 21 June 2019 Written Update – Pakhi follows Aakash & Pinky

Written Update: Hamari Bahu Silk 21 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Naksh demonstrates the photograph in the paper which was distributed with his name. There, Natasha yelled at the lady that she made the exposure stunt and paid them cash. They rather attempted to beat her. The woman lobbyist apologizes as the women with her were new. At the entryway, Pakhi supposes despite everything she gets an opportunity. Baa takes another paper piece from Maharaj.

Hamari Bahu Silk 21 June 2019

She reveals to Naksh that this paper will be utilized to pack sustenance things tomorrow. She wasn’t prepared to remember it as his prosperity. She says no work is more regrettable than anything which doesn’t pay. Her morning meal menu still pays, regardless of how old it is. Aakash grumbles to Natasha that she didn’t impart her arrangement to him, else he could have dealt with it.

Pakhi comes in and says she can in any case win. Pinky proceeds with the prodding endeavor. Pakhi says if Natasha can guarantee her the activity she can deal with the circumstance. Natasha challenges that Pakhi should pay her 10000 if her arrangement doesn’t work. Pakhi acknowledges the test. Baa gives the charge of the cooking business to Naksh and teaches her staff for it too. Naksh sat in his room upset.

Hamari Bahu Silk 21 June 2019

He gets messages from his companions, requesting party and complimenting him over the achievement. He checks his workstation and discovers Pakhi’s email address in his record. He thinks about whether it was distributed in light of Pakhi. Aakash addresses a media question and answers session. Natasha sat in goggles. Aakash says Natasha was tormented to such a degree, that she needed to shroud her wound with the glasses.

The media clicks photographs of Natasha. Pakhi comes to answer to the media that Natasha is on a craving strike, she can’t talk and will just answer the inquiries through play a card game. Natasha holds the play a game of cards, expressing “She is a basic specialist, she was assaulted for doing her work just, No work is awful, will she get the equity”. The media correspondents guarantee their help for Natasha.

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