Hamari Bahu Silk 20 June 2019 Written Update – Pakhi comes to Natasha and apologizes

Written Update: Hamari Bahu Silk 20 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Ratti gets a call. Pinky hears her and calls Aakash to come first floor. Aakash achieves ground floor. He sprinkles water over the young ladies. Ratti yells on the off chance that he has gone distraught. Natasha and Ratti were stunned to see Aakash. Both Aakash and Pinky leave.

Hamari Bahu Silk 20 June 2019

Upstairs, Natasha tosses a glass over Pakhi addressing why she challenged lie to her. Aakash asks Pakhi for what valid reason she lied. Pakhi answers it was for employment, she can’t stand to lose this employment. They haven’t had the option to find that young lady, how she can locate her in solitude. Pakhi demands them not to oust her from the activity. Natasha accuses towards Pakhi of a blade. Aakash hauls her into the room. Pakhi was left mutilated.

In the cafeteria, Ratti apologizes Pakhi. She was apprehensive and left that place. Pakhi concurs its not her misstep. She had considered sparing her activity without giving Natasha her voice, however she should now consider a route from this wreckage.

At home, Naksh stops Pakhi’s direction and says he realizes she erased the photographs from his camera. He knows a great deal about Pakhi. Pakhi counters on the off chance that he is a covert operative, how he recognized what she did. Naksh faults Pakhi for breaking his camera. Pakhi asks what his concern is. He lost his meeting that was her mix-up; however she was just instructing him to leave for work.

His camera was organism ridden, still he came to take her photographs with Natasha and now he is accusing her once more. Naksh still cautions Pakhi. She inquires as to whether he would now gripe Baa against her once more, just likes children do. Naksh was irritated. Pakhi leaves. Naksh gets a call that his photograph has been distributed in paper. He was energized. Pakhi carries the paper to him.

Naksh was bombastic that his photograph has been distributed. Pakhi advises Naksh to thank the person who sent his photographs; at any rate good luck. Naksh challenges he would before long reveal Pakhi’s genuine picture to Baa.

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