Hamari Bahu Silk 2 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Pakhi reminds Aakash and Natasha

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Naksh stops Pakhi and says her Ayi is in threat, he can accomplish something for her. Naksh says if this kinner causes them she is his companion, he has no issue in having some espresso or watching film with the kinner. The general population around giggle over Naksh, however Naksh says kinners are likewise human. The kinner takes him to two young ladies and says they are pr*stitutes and are remaining here for work and cash. Pakhi doesn’t let Naksh continue, and goes to address the young ladies.

Hamari Bahu Silk 2 July 2019

Naksh stops Pakhi, as this would be an inquiry over her notoriety and their general public doesn’t pardon young ladies effectively. Pakhi expresses gratitude toward Naksh. He asks what? She expresses profound gratitude once more, at that point leaves. Naksh guarantees to meet Pakhi at Sumit’s home. Naksh addresses the young ladies and takes both together. Mosmi makes a video of Naksh and chooses to indicate it to Baa.

Naksh and Sumit had incapacitated the young ladies with beds. The young ladies state they appear to be masculine and all readied. Before long, they hear the shouts of certain young ladies from the other room, mentioning for assistance. The young ladies were currently strained. Pakhi comes into the room in specialist’s clothing. The young ladies perceive her. Naksh says this is Dr. Pakhi and is here for their activity. After perception, Pakhi examine they can work on the liver just as eyes of this excellent young lady.

Hamari Bahu Silk 2 July 2019

Sumit remarks that Pakhi’s keep going liver patient passed on activity table. Pakhi answers that training makes a man immaculate. The young ladies argue Pakhi to save their lives. Pakhi says she and the young ladies are in same business, they take on chain while she takes organs. The young ladies were startled and prepared to do anything for her. Ketan was stunned to see the video and doesn’t trust it to be valid. Ketan inquires as to whether she doesn’t needed her sister to wed Naksh, they why she would demonstrate this video to Baa. Mosmi says it’s the wind in the story.

The young ladies record their announcement of admission in a video. Pakhi discourages to transfer the video via web-based networking media, and requests who did this. The young ladies were hesitant. Sumit gets a call, at that point signals Naksh to come outside too. Naksh leaves the room. Pakhi asks the young ladies who completed this. One of the young ladies at long last talk that it was Natasha who paid them to get her mom caught.

Natasha was in a photograph shoot. Aakash comes to compliment Natasha, tomorrow her agreement with Kapadia will settle. Her first notice will likewise be discharged. Natasha was resolved that nobody can prevent her from being a genius. Outside, Naksh reveals to Pakhi that somebody disclosed to Sumit’s landowner that a few women are remaining with him.

He is approaching check the house. Naksh gets some information about the young ladies’ admission. Pakhi thinks how Naksh had rejected Natasha’s photograph shoot, and says it was nothing. Naksh advises her to go to police headquarters. Pakhi affirms he would truly tag along. Naksh asks why she looks strained. Pakhi says she is stressed in light of proprietor’s booking, and demands Naksh to organize a living arrangement for her Ayi. Naksh says he should attempt to persuade Baa.

In the room, Baa resented Mosmi for accusing her Naksh. She resents Naksh yet at the same time she confides in him. Mosmi says she want to be a liar, however one needs to trust in what is obvious through eyes. She plays the video to Baa.

Naksh comes to disclose to Janki they got a proof of her guiltlessness, she will never again need to go to police headquarters. Janki was diminished and asks Naksh where they are going at this point. Naksh says they are going to Baa. Mosmi reveals to Baa that Naksh is youthful and get off track; there is a solitary solution for them and that is marriage.

In the police headquarters, the monitor watches the video. Pakhi snaps photos of the young ladies to recollect them. The examiner whines to Pakhi for not presenting herself prior. Pakhi discloses she needed to locate the evidence for her Ayi, so avoided correctional facility. The reviewer solicits what the name from head guilty party was, Natasha. She should be rebuffed. Pakhi was cheerful.

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