Hamari Bahu Silk 19 June 2019 Written Update – Natasha takes Ratti to Natasha

Written Update: Hamari Bahu Silk 19 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Pakhi returns home. Ayi carefully opens the entryway for Pakhi. They were going upstairs when a water melon slips over the providing food pots. Baa comes outside with a wooden stick close by. Pakhi shrouds her sack and goes to get the watermelon. Baa reminds them about the house’s principles.

Hamari Bahu Silk 19 June 2019

Ayi says they had a critical errand. Pakhi discloses to Baa they heard the voice and rushed ground floor so nobody could wake up. Baa investigates her dress. Pakhi qualifies she was occupied with her office work and didn’t get time to change. Baa accepts and instructs them to proceed to rest. She was irritated over Maharaj for not covering the cooking fixings, at that point watches Ayi had been gasping. Pakhi says Ayi was out of inhale as she kept running outside behind her. Baa advises Ayi to decrease some weight.

Aakash brings Natasha’s preferred frozen yogurt however discovers her snoozing on the floor. He conveys her to the bed and covers her with the blanket. Natasha holds Aakash’s hand and mumbles about the naming craftsman.

Pakhi sat close Ayi who had nodded off. She ponders Natasha’s interest and offer to raise her compensation. She miss her Baba and miracles where she has been trapped. In the event that she denies rendering her voice to Natasha, she will lose her employment and house both; and on the off chance that she does, it would be a disrespect for her Ayi.

The following morning, Naksh was leaving for a significant errand. Mamta gives him a lunch box with the goal that he eats something. Baa was irritated and leaves the corridor. Naksh demands Mamta to address Baa to loan him some additional time. Mamta was powerless. Naksh supposes he should most likely reveal Pakhi Joshi’s genuine face to Baa now, just along these lines he would almost certainly win her trust.

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