Hamari Bahu Silk 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Rimjhim follows Pakhi

Written Update: Hamari Bahu Silk 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The drama begins, Pakhi holds Mosmi’s hand and wish she recovers soon. Natasha lay on the floor of the store. Her telephone ringer ringing before her. She attempts to move however a gunned man strolls nearer. In the capacity, Rimjhim quietly thinks soon Pakhi will be here; and these Dandiya sticks will do some amazing things to end her game. Pakhi comes outside. Janki asks Pakhi to finish the custom. They all notice Pakhi was lost in some profound idea. One of the young ladies come to grab Rimjhim’s Dandiya from her regardless of her obstruction. Pakhi held the pot on her head.

Rimjhim was without a moment’s delay stressed, and stops the custom. She says she did a few figurings of time; the following 24 minutes isn’t ideal. The women there consent to postpone the Parikrama and rather play Dandiya. Naksh and Pakhi play Dandiya together. Rimjhim kept an eye around, searching for her grabbed Dandiya. She makes sense of one of the Dandiya was in Naksh’s grasp, while the other in Pakhi’s grasp. On the off chance that they breakdown, at any rate, there will be an impact. She intercedes between their games and requests to take the Dandiya. Naksh and Pakhi share an eye lock.

Hamari Bahu Silk 15 October 2019

Naksh fantasies of a cozy sentiment with Naksh while being separated from everyone else at the setting. Naksh kisses her shoulder and whirls her around. At the same time, Naksh gets some acknowledgment, leaves Pakhi and says he just needs to detest Pakhi however is vulnerable. His heart wishes to remain nearby to her. He inquires as to whether Pakhi cherishes him. Pakhi just looked towards Naksh affectionately and cries with a grin. She motions toward Naksh she has no voice to talk.

After the eye lock, Naksh looked upset. Pakhi inquires as to whether everything is okay. The goon sat close to Natasha and giggles insanely while asking in the event that she was going to dial a number on telephone utilizing her nose? Pinky enters the safehouse, hits the goon with a pole at the back and liberates Natasha. Natasha was in a rush to spare Pakhi’s life else her profession is spoilt.

A while later, it was currently time for Parikrama. Rimjhim smiles as she holds the Dandiya sticks. Pakhi was not able to handle the mud pot and it slips from her head. Naksh spared the pot in his grasp. Pakhi proceeds onward. One of the coordinators come to take the Dandiya sticks from Rimjhim as she is no all the more playing Dandiya. Rimjhim was irritated and goes to discover the sticks once more.

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