Hamari Bahu Silk 14 October 2019 Written Update – Rimjhim Plans To Kill Pakhi

Written Update: Hamari Bahu Silk 14 October 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The episode begins, Rimjhim goes to the lobby, figuring tomorrow will be the latest day of Pakhi’s life. Her way was halted by Pakhi. Rimjhim inquires as to whether she has acknowledged thrashing. Pakhi says Rimjhim’s down is done. Rimjhim smiles that Pakhi may take a stab at anything, she may as of now be disturbed for losing her voice.

Pakhi says she couldn’t care less for her voice, it’s being relinquished for her family; however Rimjhim will never comprehend the significance of family and attempted to take her sister’s life. She embraces Rimjhim and discloses to her that Mosmi is wakeful.

Hamari Bahu Silk 14 October 2019

Rimjhim pushes Pakhi away in dismay and runs upstairs. Mosmi sat in her bed. The family was there around her. Pakhi murmurs to Rimjhim to head inside, everybody is sitting tight for her. Mamta asks Rimjhim where she had been, Mosmi had been hanging tight for her for long. Rimjhim stammers that whatever her sister said. The specialist says Mosmi didn’t let out the slightest peep, she hasn’t responded to anything till yet.

Rimjhim as assuaged and says she had been supplicating and her petitions have been replied. She fakes her tears and hurries to Mosmi. She inquires as to whether her sister could never talk. The specialist says Mosmi is wakeful and can tune in to everybody; she will before long start to move and talk too.

Outside the room, Pakhi compromises Rimjhim to include her days in the house. She has staunch confidence on her God. Mosmi will before long uncover reality. Rimjhim says the tea is just in the pot, and anything can occur till it arrives at the lips. Pakhi says she will watch out for Rimjhim, she won’t hurt Mosmi, and leaves. Rimjhim ponders who might spare her now.

The following morning, the neighbors land at Parekh House and asks about Baa. Mamta welcomes them and says Baa is in aashram. The neighbors apologize for what occurred in the Pooja, however Baa rebuffed her little girl in law uprightly and reestablished their confidence on Parekh family. They welcome everybody to neighborhood’s Dandiya. Ketan acknowledges the greeting. Rimjhim thinks she needs to fix voices of a couple of others also, and rushes into Mosmi’s room.

Naksh goes to Pakhi’s live with a purse. Pakhi asks what it is. Naksh hauls out a Gujrati dress from the sack. He says Baa guided him to blessing her the dress for Dandiya as it’s her first Navratri. Pakhi giggles. Naksh goes to hang tight for her outside, and advises her to hustle just a bit as everybody is sitting tight for her.

Pakhi plays with her bangles while being prepared for the Dandiya. Naksh goes to thump at the entryway, yet was entranced to see Pakhi. Pakhi battles to bind to bunch of her shirt and permits Naksh inside. Naksh at long last comes nearer to get married, yet Pakhi tosses her hair back. She giggles wickedly and battles with the bunch by and by.

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