Hamari Bahu Silk 13 June 2019 Written Update – Pakhi Confused But Why?

Written Update: Hamari Bahu Silk 13 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Pakhi sweats as she watches the video. Ratti calls Pakhi and advises her to choose, her voice has been perceived with Natasha’s face everywhere. Natasha achieves the sanctuary. The media surrounded Natasha and needed her to rehash the discoursed as in the video that became famous online. Pinky sends Pakhi to help Natasha.

Pakhi faces the media that Natasha visits sanctuary this day of the week, and she can’t talk as she is on Mohn Varat. Natasha murmurs on Pakhi to educate them concerning her new film. Pakhi tells the media columnists that Natasha’s new film is on the floor, its name Sulagta Jism. Natasha strolls into the sanctuary. She gets a call from Aakash that Pakhi is approached to take.

Hamari Bahu Silk 13 June 2019

Aakash gets some information about Natasha and says they have an idea of a film. Natasha must return soon. Pakhi thinks whether Natasha gets another film, she will disregard Kapadia’s and she won’t need to give her voice to her. Ayi remained over the stool and set a few sacks. The stool separates and Ayi fell. Baa and Mamta come inside the room. Mamta holds Ayi up. Baa gets some information about her stool and advises her to shed some weight.

The media assembled around Natasha to take some photographs. Pakhi comes to take Natasha for her petitions. She holds Natasha’s hand and takes her inside. Natasha yells at Pakhi how could she. Pakhi gets some information about a comparative saree as Natasha. Pakhi reminds Natasha that she has a gathering with a maker. Natasha had disregarded the gathering and hands her saree to Natasha.

Hamari Bahu Silk 13 June 2019

Pakhi pauses, while Natasha returns wearing easygoing garments. Pakhi advises Natasha to leave from the indirect access, and she will deal with everything here. Pakhi thinks Natasha must be at the two spots, in the sanctuary, and in the gathering. The media correspondents choose to go inside the sanctuary. Pakhi had hung herself in the saree with her face and head secured. She slips around a crate and slips over the floor. The correspondents had entered the sanctuary and addressed Natasha.

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