Hamari Bahu Silk 11 June 2019 Written Update – Natasha gives Pakhi a time

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Ayi was glad and acknowledges that Pakhi won everything. She got a house and an occupation in three days’ time. Pakhi says regardless of whether they need to change in accordance with life here, they will. Ayi inquires as to whether she lied here too, at that point asks what show they should do to live here. The following morning, Pakhi wakes Ayi and signs Bhajan. She strolls around the passages of the house with Aarti that. The youthful person was yawning in the other passageway and was stunned to see Pakhi there.

Mamta and Ayi remained before the sanctuary corner of Pakhi’s room together. Pakhi goes to take their favors. Mamta favors her, and gestures of recognition her voice. She presents herself as Mamta, Baa’s little girl in law. They offer her a seat. Mamta instructs them to think about water, it stops at 7 am. Pakhi discovers Baa sitting in the yard.

Hamari Bahu Silk 11 June 2019

She welcomes Baa with Jai Shree Krishna and withdraws. The youthful person likewise goes to leave. He says a vehicle organization called him for their advancement profile photo shoot. Baa abruptly detects his torn pants. He quietly withdraws. Pakhi was holding up outside a bistro.

At Natasha’s place, Natasha had tossed everything around the house. She was crying if Kapadia would supplant her. She has 5 M devotees in the Instagram, she has 1 lac supporters on YouTube. Aakash advises her to stop this, else her voice would deteriorate. Natasha yells at Aakash that he is a disappointment. Aakash handles her fits of rage and brings her into her room.

He bolts the entryway of the room from outside. Pakhi inquires as to whether he should return home. Aakash inquires as to whether it’s a National Holiday; she should remain back and deal with Natasha. He advises Pinky to go along for an attention stunt now. Natasha cried from inside the room. Pakhi ponders what sort of a voice it is that they are behind. Natasha at long last nods off. Pakhi quietly strolls to the room. Her telephone ringer rings on the double, she rushes outside the room. It was her Kaka.

Hamari Bahu Silk 11 June 2019

Pakhi was incensed over him. She chooses to prod him so much this time. She talks in a changed voice. She goes to the mike framework and addresses Kaka in an alluring voice. Natasha awakens as the voice plays over the sound framework. Kaka requested the location. Natasha’s head slammed while she sits up and attempts to recognize whose voice it was. Pakhi revealed to Kaka she came to Mumbai for a business set up, she needs his solid shoulders for her help.

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