Hamari Bahu Silk 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Natasha was Ready

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Pakhi achieves Natasha’s condo. Natasha advises Pakhi to peruse the lines she needs to name. She plays the foul video. Natasha pulls her jaw and says she knows Pakhi doesn’t care for her, and even thinks about her work as tarnished. She feels feel sorry for Pakhi as she marked the agreement, yet Natasha has transformed Pakhi into a manikin. Pakhi says her Ayi is in threat, she marked the agreement.

Hamari Bahu Silk 1 July 2019 Episode

Natasha must satisfy her guarantee now, and get her Ayi out of prison. Natasha says just a solitary lioness is permitted in one backwoods, and here it will be Natasha. She advises Pakhi to peruse the lines. Pakhi looks towards the clock which struck 11.30.

At Parekh House, everybody sat in a pooja. Mosmi had her eyes over the cash and takes a note from it. Ketan and Mosmi take endowments from Baa. Baa was stressed over the course of action of a Maharaj for the kitchen. Ketan says he has fixed a couple of gatherings for now. Baa acknowledges she chided Ketan for reasons unknown, she was rather furious at Naksh for not going to the family pooja.

Hamari Bahu Silk 1 July 2019 Episode

Pakhi names the lines. Natasha was troubled and advises her to put some life in the lines. Pakhi watches the time, it was 1.30pm. Pakhi advises Natasha to get her Ayi out of prison first. Natasha says her legal counselor has gone to Khandelval, and won’t be back till tomorrow. Pakhi discloses to Natasha she won’t let her Ayi get the chance to imprison once more. She tosses the content paper over Natasha’s face and leaves.

Ketan and Mosmi address the Maharaj that he should give them a part of his pay in the event that they find him a line of work here. Maharaj requests raised pay. Mosmi says Baa would doubtlessly raise the pay in the event that she prefers the sustenance. Baa comes to taste the sustenance.

Pakhi and Naksh strolled over the road where the occurrence occurred. They recognize the kinner who was an observer to this and solicitations his assistance. The more kin place a condition, she requests Pakhi to send her sweetheart for a date with her. Pakhi and Naksh without a moment’s delay say they aren’t seeing someone.

Natasha takes the clasp with Pakhi’s named voice to Kapadia. Kapadia was blissful to hear the voice of Pakhi and cases it to be otherworldly. Baa affronts the culinary specialist if his better half still live with him, after this cooking. She says her business would be spoilt in a solitary day with this cooking. Ketan doesn’t give that Maharaj a chance to talk about his 20%. Baa was stressed and discloses to Ketan that they have to discover a Maharaj.

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