Haiwan Written Update: ZEE TV 2019 Serial All Episodes

Haiwan Written Update

Haiwan 22 September 2019

In the room, Amrita dries her hair with the towel Ansh offers her. She inquires as to why they are gazing at her. Ansh sees the ring in Amrita’s grasp. Randhir says Amrita was the young lady he skilled the ring to tell him the best way to propose. Amrita’s ring was tight. Both request that her keep it with her, it suits her. After Amrita has left, Randhir sees the sack on the bed and asks what this is.

Gia was procuring a youthful person and has a go at being close to him. Chetan comes there. Gia slaps him without a moment’s delay, at that point contracts the youngster and sends him out. Chetan takes her to demonstrate Ansh. In the café, they were stunned to see Ansh burning through all the cash on his companion’s gathering. She comes to address Ansh what is this.

Haiwan Written Update

Ansh says this is his cash, and he could spend it anyplace. Gia inquires as to why he is burning through cash on reestablishing Deepak’s statue. Ansh says Gia had broken the statue, it must be fixed utilizing her cash; would it say it isn’t right Randhir? Randhir shows up from behind. Gia inquires as to whether they are deceiving her. Randhir answers he is Ansh’s companion, they thought Gia abuses individuals here so they contemplated avoiding her this time. Gia had said he is vagrant and has no situation on the planet. he is wealthier than any measure of her cash can make him.

Ansh and Randhir state it’s great their game is currently open. Gia cautions Ansh will even now do what she wish him to, yet on her terms. Randhir discloses to Gia they can even now take a shot at great terms, all be an upbeat family effectively, just if Govind acknowledges his killings and gives up himself to police. Gia says she isn’t attached to simple ways throughout everyday life. After Gia had angrily left, Ansh and Randhir examine they should be alert, Gia will either accomplish something risky or will be gotten.

Randhir gets some information about Yeti Master. Ash says it’s troublesome that he endures, yet in the event that he does, at that point, they are in risk. He will disclose to Amrita that Randhir is a researcher and he is a Super Human. Amrita was going in her police van. Her staff says it’s a fortuitous event Randhir was thereby and by, consider the possibility that he is the Super Human beast. Amrita was certain Randhir can never be a beast.

Haiwan Written Update
Haiwan Written Update

In the vehicle, Gia advises Chetan to caution their assault group. They have to discover a shortcoming of Randhir and Ansh. In the medical clinic room, Yeti Master had woken up. Amrita attempts to cross-examine within the sight of her group. Sasquatch Master wasn’t prepared to disclose to them anything. Before long, there was a group entering the medical clinic with poisonous gas shells. Amrita was alert with her group and intensely battles the aggressors, effectively securing her group and Yeti Master. Sasquatch Master’s group opened his hands and relax the chain.

Amrita loses her ring in the battle. The group had taken sasquatch Master out while Amrita keeps on tailing them. It was Gia’s group. Sasquatch Master was being dealt with. Gia arranges her researcher to explore the retro ebb and flow on him. He is as of now half-dead, and his body can hold more electric charge than any other individual. What’s the utilization of their research center on the off chance that they can’t finish the technique of her test? She starts the test and builds the electric flow in the body.

Haiwan Written Update

At the same time, there was an electric flash in the assemblage of Yeti Master. The machine indicates an image of DANGER, touching off Red. The body had vanished. The researcher says the framework has slammed and may take an entire month to fix. Govind resented Gia’s tenacity. Everybody was stunned to see the group of Yeti Master transform into an automated Super body. Gia grins.

At home, Dadi applies balm on Amrita’s arm. Dharam was likewise furious why Amrita placed her life in threat. Amrita says it’s her obligation. Ansh and Randhir watch this. Ansh was furious and prepared to execute Gia. Randhir stops him, as they can’t abuse their capacity. Ansh asks why Gia captured Yeti Master however he was pointless for Gia. The Yeti Master’s charged body assaults different men in the lab. Gia addresses Chetan that it was unintentionally that it occurred, however, let him appreciate in his new symbol.

Gia comes to address Yeti that they spared his life, will he work for them. Sasquatch answers it’s his vengeance also, he will murder Ansh. Gia demonstrates Yeti the ring. She says Ansh needed to bless this ring to his affection forever, and she discovered it with Amrita. She needs Amrita. At home, Randhir and Ansh come to Amrita. Amrita apologizes Ansh as she lost his ring in the battle. Dharam comes to affirm Amrita about the booking in the café. The young men solicit what kind from a gathering is this.

Dharam says it’s for a proposition, he figured it would be better that they meet in the café so that Amrita can meet the person too. Amrita tells the folks she is truly amped up for it. Randhir and Ansh quietly ponder internally, they should propose Amrita now. In the eatery, Randhir and Ansh took cover behind the menu cards and watch Amrita and Dharam in the gathering with fellow’s family. They examine why Amrita is content with him. Amrita may improve individual than this, she merits somebody who might love her.

Haiwan Written Update

Randhir and Ansh choose they can’t give him a chance to wedding Amrita. They come to welcome the visitors, Amrita presents the visitors with his companions. They come to cross-examine the person, Dev who was a sanctioned bookkeeper. Amrita takes Randhir aside and asks what they are doing. Ansh approaches Dev’s mom and says she is a cop, and an irritable, rude young lady. Amrita rushes to them on the double. Before long, the young lady Aditi comes and welcomes Amrita as Ma’am.

She at that point meets Dev’s mom. Randhir and Ansh understand the proposition wasn’t for Amrita. Ansh escapes for the washroom, however, Amrita stops Randhir. Outside the eatery, Amrita snickers that they felt it was a proposition for her. Randhir addresses Amrita that he doesn’t have even an inkling what the opportune time and perfect spot is. He just realizes he feels an association with her, he enjoys her.

Amrita inquires as to whether he is proposing her. Randhir answers he is ignorant of a ton of things about her, yet at the same time, he needs to consume the remainder of the time on earth with her. Before long, the lights of eatery go off. They go to see Yeti destroying his electric starts and moving towards Randhir.

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