Haiwan 24 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Ansh was Irked and Goes

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The episode begins, Randhir in the elderly person’s symbol stops Ansh and demands him to take him to the washroom. He climbed his back. Gia runs over Chetan at the primary passage. They catch Amrita talking on the telephone that Ansh is certain he can get 50 crores from Gia effectively. At that point, they will get hitched. Gia and Chetan come inside. Gia perceives the regular elderly person went to her room, this implies he works for Ansh. They go to Ansh’s room. The infant had carried the sack to Ansh’s room.

Gia and Chetan discover it and the teleporter in a corner. They unfasten his mouth. The teleporter says Ansh seized him. Chetan finds the hard circle, similar to the one they had gotten. Gia comprehends that Ansh is the blo*dy dark mailer. He is messing around with her. he tested an inappropriate individual, he will presently observe what she does. Nisha stops Ansh and says Randhir is alive. Ansh was stunned to hear this. He says this is incomprehensible, he saw Randhir’s dead body. Nisha inquires as to whether she demonstrates it.

Haiwan 24 November 2019

In the porch, Amrita expels the mustache and whiskers off Randhir’s face. Randhir takes a minute to kiss Amrita’s face. They share a profound eye lock. The child turns away and makes a sound as if to speak once they were going to kiss. Randhir expels the phony whiskers and mustache and wishes he discovers Dharam and Dadi. Nisha brings Ansh to the patio. Ansh turns green at the same time. Before he could angrily charge over them, the teleporter comes to take Ansh along. Nisha goes searching for Ansh. Randhir gets Ansh’s wireless and says this telephone will take them to Dharam and Dadi.

The teleporter conveys Ansh inside the house. The teleporter prevents him from yelling. Gia and Chetan come there. The teleporter left with Ansh. Gia thinks she initiated the tracker and will before long know where he is. Randhir sees there are video approaches a number from Ansh. Amrita says he made a couple of video calls to coerce her. Randhir makes a phony picture of Ansh, with the goal that the individuals on video consider feels it’s the genuine one. He arranges the group there to send the area where he needs to send Nisha. They get the area. Randhir grins that he got the arrangement to spare Dharam and Dadi now.

Haiwan 24 November 2019

The teleporter takes Ansh to an obscure area. Ash attempts to punch him yet he disappears each time, at that point returns. At long last, Ansh had the option to grip his neck. Gia and Chetan arrived at the area by at that point. Ansh reveals to Gia that Randhir is alive. They have seen Randhir, yet teleporter brought him. Gia faults Ansh for the extorting. It was her greatest slip-up to confide in him, and she never rehashes her slip-ups. She vows to pay the teleporter twofold than Ansh, he should complete Ansh. The teleporter punches and kicks Ansh and evaporates each time, evading him. Ansh transforms into Haiwan.

Randhir, Baby, and Amrita arrive at a godown. Randhir battles the new Haiwan with his bolt slugs. The Haiwan fell on the floor. Ansh snatches the teleporter and tosses him down on the floor. He thunders and transforms into the Haiwan. Gia and Chetan watch him beat the teleporter. The teleporter disappears and returns flying from behind. Haiwan thunders at him. He assaults indeed, giggles madly and challenges Haiwan.

The child comes to inside the godown and sends a shell of gas which blacks out everybody ensuring Dadi and Dharam. Amrita and Randhir wear defensive covers. They loosen Dadi and Dharam from the seats. Infant guarantees they are oblivious in light of gas and will be found. Amrita embraces Randhir saying I love you, thank you to such an extent. Infant prods that they start their sentiment anyplace.

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