Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 6 February 2020 Written Update – Gudiya hears & gets emotional

The Episode begins with Nanhe lal acknowledging Gudiya and says she has accomplished such a great deal to join them, deceived them and so on. Radhe asks did you lie? Gudiya says you state that the falsehood isn’t lie when it is said for acceptable motivation. Radhe says yes. Gudiya discloses to Sarla that Panjiri is copied. Radhe says so much is spared from consuming, my home is joined once more. Pappu says even this restroom. They giggle. Radhe says he will go to the washroom and asks Pappu to sit.

Pappu says even he will go. Radhe requests that he sit. Gudiya embraces Nanhe lal. Later Pappu embraces Radhe. Gudiya washes the line with water and wipes it with a floor brush. She says she is cleaning the segment line as lines are eradicated from the heart. Sarla says yes and embraces Sweety. Ballu comes there and welcomes them. Gudiya inquires as to whether chudail came. ballu says she is remaining there with floor brush in her grasp. They chuckle. Ballu welcomes them to go to his home and requests that they come in the evening. He says he has amazement for him. Sarla asks Radhe to make chutney.

Radhe says I will do. He takes a gander at himself in the mirror. Sarla asks what will change in your face. Gudiya comes there and says bau ji is looking attractive. Radhe says just you state this. Gudiya says Bindiya mausi says that you are attractive. Radhe says he will crush chutney. Gudiya talks as Jia and says this jal kukdi is that way. Sarla runs behind her to beat her. Gudiya says I am Jia now and flees. She at that point returns and says you didn’t do right to assault Jia. She asks Radhe what is the amazement in haveli? Radhe says I don’t have the foggiest idea, yet it tends to be anything. Gudiya says she will go there and see. Sarla requests that she sit quietly.

She converses with her doll and says she will go to haveli. Sweety asks Gudiya for what valid reason she is doing work. Gudiya goes to her and inquires as to whether she realizes what is the amazement? Sweety says she can’t utilize her brain. Gudiya says that is the reason bhaiyya says that you cause your psyche to go grass making. Sweety inquires as to whether he said this and goes to converse with Pappu.

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 6 February 2020

Ballu opens the window and welcomes Gudiya. Gudiya gets some information about the amazement. Ballu says she will know later. Pappu apologizes to Sweety. Sweety gets annoyed with him. Gudiya comes there and inquires as to whether he realizes what is the unexpected which Ballu is giving them? Sweety says Pappu never astonished her. Gudiya gets some information about the unexpected which Ballu will give them. Pappu says he will give me large blessing. Radhe tells that he will get some property to him.

Sarla says might be ballu will give tribal accessory to her. Gudiya goes to haveli quietly and hears Ballu rehearsing to show them in his English class. He says this heart on board is of mine and tells that he has dark checks on his heart, he gets injured soon. He says he needed to consider in English school, yet he read hindi for a long time. He says he has no understudy to learn English and gets tragic. He says he has only a little dream to have housefull understudies. Gudiya hears and gets passionate.

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