Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4 February 2020 Written Update – Gudiya says jug fell down

The Episode begins with Gudiya seeing the ball and thinks he is an apparition. She thinks to act like phantom and strolls on her hands. Ball sees her from far and yells chudail. Gudiya sees him and says he is Ballu Bhaiyya. She asks him to turn out and requests what good reason you were strolling as a phantom. Ballu says he has the propensity to stroll in rest. He inquires as to why you were strolling like chudail. Gudiya says container tumbled down from my hand and that is the reason I was strolling that way so apparition doesn’t flee.

Pappu asks so you were strolling like an apparition with the cover on you. Bally says yes. They think there is no apparition, as they misjudged ballu as the phantom. They snicker. They return and get upbeat discussing their stay in haveli. Ballu leaves the restroom. Radhe requests that he drop his arrangement to remain in his haveli and says you will remain here. He says you called me sibling. Pappu says he called me child, yet.

Nanhe lal says bhai saheb is correct and says in some haveli. Pappu asks ballu to remain next to him of the house. Radhe says he will remain next to me, he calls me bhai saheb. Ballu advises that he needs to remain in the haveli just as it is his progenitor’s haveli, regardless of whether he loses his life. Gudiya says your wellbeing is my babu ji’s duty. Ballu says you had said at some point in those days my obligation is yours. Sarla says when a warrior like Nanhe lal got pulsated up, at that point Radhe is a powerless heart fellow. Pappu tells that they will call Chakkar baba. Chakkar baba comes there and tells that he is detecting apparition smell.

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4 February 2020 Written Update

Pappu asks here? Chakkar baba says yes. Gudiya says there is no boot here, yet chudail. She reveals to Amma used to state about chudail. Sarla asks when? She solicits baba to get them free from the apparition in the haveli. Ballu tells that the apparition wears an anklet in the haveli and portrays whatever the phantom does. Chakkar baba tells that he will have experience with the phantom in the night. He enters the haveli in the night. Everybody accompanies them. Chakkar baba says no one will talk.

He says the chudail came to remain here after her marriage, she needed to move, however, she was covered in the divider. Baba tumbles down hearing the anklet sound. Gudiya hears the sound originating from the kitchen and heads inside. They all get stressed and call her. They see Gudiya bringing feline from the kitchen. She reveals to them that it is a similar feline/shama for whom she had hopped in the stream to spare it. Baba asks Gudiya to leave the feline and says it very well may be chudail.

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