Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 30 September 2019 Written Update – How Many Lovers for Pappu?

Written Update: Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 30 September 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Radhe coming to Sarla and attempting to converse with her, however, she gets annoyed with him. She admonishes him for conversing with Bindiya pleasantly and questions on his character. She says as a result of you, Pappu had 4 darlings. Radhe says I will attempt to cause you to comprehend and says I adore you as you are my significant other.

Sarla says on the off chance that you go after my little girl’s marriage, at that point, it will occur. Radhe says I am attempting. Sarla hears melody playing and says they are moving once more, says Pappu couldn’t care less about his unmarried sister. Pappu and Sweety are moving when Sarla goes into their room. Pappu and Sweety get stunned.

Sarla chides him for not looking husband to be for Gudiya and insults Sweety for not having tolerance. Pappu says I advised my companions to look. Sarla says Nanhe lal got a monkey for his little girl for the move and says he won’t get anything now. Sweety yells Papa and calls him, asks him to either take her from that point or get Gudiya wedded. Nanhe lal comes there and attempts to converse with Sarla.

Sarla says you can’t get Gudiya wedded and insults him. Radhe obstructs her direction. Nanhe lal says she is venturing out from home. Sarla advises that she is going to Pahadi sanctuary. Nanhe al goes behind her and inquires as to for what reason would you say you are going? Sarla says for Gudiya’s marriage and asks him not to come behind her.

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 30 September 2019

Nanhe lal envisions his constables wearing sehra and calls the sub-controller. He embraces him and says I can’t remain here any longer. The sub-auditor asks what was the deal? Nanhe lal solicits him to make plans from cyanide and says I will end it all. Sub-examiner says it isn’t right to end it all. Nanhe lal says he has harmed an honest heart and requests that he bring cyanide. Sub-monitor gets glad and calls somebody to get cyanide.

Sarla sees neighbor conversing with baba in her home and he is advising answers for them. He tells that the woman’s desire will satisfy, who is remaining behind me. Sarla gets glad. She inquires as to whether he is Manjan baba. He says he is Pushp baba. He requests that she keep the blossom in front of God and says it will turn red if your marriage will occur.

He says he will do anusthan for 5 days and afterward, following 2 weeks, Gudiya will wed. She approaches what I can accomplish for you. He approaches her to give 50000 for his Ashram. He says Gudiya will wed soon. Sarla brings the blossom and keeps it in the sanctuary. She expresses gratitude toward God and says I adore you. Gudiya comes and says I cherish you as well. She converses with Sarla and goes. Sarla asks Radhe to give 50000 Rs. Radhe says the cash is fixed and tells that he won’t give her.

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