Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28 August 2019 Written Update – Sarla asks Gudiya to be hungry

Written Update: Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28 August 2019 Written Update on

Sarla and her significant other get irritated. Dadi says samosa smell is wonderful. Gudiya’s dad inquires as to for what reason did you cause her to apply uptan. Sarla says that didn’t occur on account of uptan. Sweety says Gudiya is ongoing to fall. Sarla insults Sweety and says my Gudiya falls, however don;t steal away for wedding. Sweety says I will whine to my dad. Sarla’s significant other asks her not to do this. Sarla faults the matka for harming the person which made him run. Gudiya tells that it is great that she came to think about the lucky man before hand and tells that he is extremely fragile and asks how he will deal with the existence issues.

Everybody takes a gander at her. Dadi gets some information about the person’s family. Sweety says they came and came back from the entryway. Dadi says what will occur with samosa and jalebi. Sarla requests that her have samosa and tells that they will manage the issues. Dadi asks what are you saying, if this is an ideal opportunity to sing. She asks Radhe to see his better half. Radhe asks Sarla to chat with habits. Sarla says she would prefer not to remain here. Gudiya’s sibling goes to shop. Gudiya comes to Dadi. Sarla picks the matka’s wrecked pieces and says you said that it won’t break. Radhe says it got terrible sight of somebody. Sarla says what would you like to state?

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28 August 2019

She accuses his relatives. He says your little girl is sufficient. Gudiya says he is correct. Sarla gets resentful, beats her. Gudiya takes the sweeper and tosses it. Sarla requests that her beat her. Gudiya says in the event that I had not tossed the sweeper, at that point you would have beaten me and don’t have nourishment enemy 4 days. Sarla goes. Gudiya goes to the room, makes the marble fall on the floor and takes out the string. Her melody plays.

Sarla removes the garments from the rope. Gudiya comes there and says she made bundle for her and gives her floor brush. Sarla inquires as to whether you are not furious with me. Gudiya says my body was tormenting, you kneaded it well. Sarla inquires as to why she don’t get influenced with individuals’ insults and relatives snicker at her. Gudiya says why I will feel terrible, I feel awful for the individuals who came to see me from far and spends much on voyaging. Sarla says that is the reason individuals think you wrong. Gudiya sits on her back and Sarla tumbles down. Sarla requests that her end her life. Gudiya says I have my life, what I will do with your life.

Gudiya comes to Radhe. Radhe inquires as to for what reason did you do this? Gudiya says who kept cleanser on the floor, and matka there. Radhe says in the event that I had not consented to you and sent you for higher investigations then it would be great. She says she learns and do MA here. She squeezes his feet remaining on it and tumbles down on the radio. She says it appears it is Chinese stuff. Radhe says it is 20 years of age. Gudiya plays it and provides for Radhe. Sarla comes there and asks what was the deal? He says how Gudiya’s marriage will occur and asks what did you eat to give her introduction to the world. Gudiya says coconut and mishri. She snickers. Radhe and Sarla looks on.

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