Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26 September 2019 Written Update – Alka and Vinod Returns To Sasural

Written Update: Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26 September 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Alka attempting to tell about the issue. Nirmala says I don’t need any bad form occur with you and tells that she carried an attorney with her and requests that she sign the separation paper. Alka says she doesn’t need separate. Sarla says so many wrongdoings have occurred with you. Nirmala says you were tormented in my home and says you resemble my little girl. Alka embraces Nirmala. Radhe discloses to Vinod that he knows how he is bearing his little girl and requests that he separated from her.

He says how it feels when somebody is hitched mightily. Nanhe Lal asks him not to interface this issue with another issue. He requests that he separate Alka. Vinod says I don’t need separate. Nirmala and Sarla inquire as to whether legal advisor can occur. The legal counselor says once they marked then they will be separated. Radhe, Nanhe lal and others turn out. Nanhe Lal asks Vinod to sign and end the issue. Vinod says we have a child Bantu and gets some information about him.

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26 September 2019

Bantu says I don’t have any issue, I will remain a half year with Dada and Dadi and a half year here. They state no. Alka says that day I lied. Radhe says you are lying now and requests that her sign. He says a couple is two feels sick of a vehicle. He says you both ought to have remained with trade off. Sarla says marriage chips away at trade-off compost. Guddi says on the off chance that I include manure in Tulsi Plant, at that point, it won’t succeed. Vinod says she is correct and tells that he won’t bargain and is prepared for separation.

Everybody is stunned. Everybody takes a gander at Gudiya. Gudiya inquires as to why everybody is taking a gander at me. Vinod requests that they give the paper. Gudiya asks Vinod to utilize great manure and perceive how marriage functions. Vinod says you are correct. Nanhe Lal requests that he sign. Vinod says it was our misstep. Alka says I came here and no one was giving me consideration, so I said that.

Sarla says this occurred because of your youth propensity and expresses these words occurs with me, yet this will not occur. Sweety says Amma said right. Gudiya says we thought we are doing the show with jiji, yet jiji was doing dramatization with us. She takes Bantu to room and endowments him. Does he ask when you will come? Bantu says you gave decent thinking about manure, don’t have the foggiest idea when the battle will occur. Radhe inquires as to whether she loved his arranging. Sarla says I will separate from you and goes to the kitchen.

Nanhe Lal envisions tune playing in the foundation and takes a gander at Sarla. Radhe asks Nanhe all, how could he feel? Nanhe Lal says he will complete his separation. Radhe says you are thinking me wrong. Alka is leaving from home. Sarla gives laddoo and says I made it for you. Gudiya says Amma is incredible to give my laddoos to everybody. Alka says I don’t need your Gudiya laddoo. Vinod says I need it and takes it from Sarla’s hand. Alka, Vinod, Bantu, and inlaws leave.

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