Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 14 October 2019 Written Update – What Radhe Asks?

Written Update: Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 14 October 2019 Written Update on

Date 14th October 2019: The Episode begins with Radhe telling that Sarla made poha first and it resembled elastic. Nanhe lal works in kitchen with Radhe and commendations Sarla’s lady control. He says I couldn’t get over the way that Sarla ji went out, yet the young ladies oversaw it well. He tells the film melody. Radhe asks on which tune the young ladies will move. Nanhe says the melody which Sarla likes.

Gudiya and Sweety move on the tune mujhe samjho na tum bholi bhaali. Gudiya tumbles down and gets up. Nanhe lal and Radhe value their move. Pappu likewise commends Sweety. Radhe says Mumbai missed your moving aptitudes. Gudiya says all the world missed a decent on-screen character. Pappu says Sweety Sarla Devi is the victor for this round. He says lets move to next round in which we will pose an inquiry and you need to reply. Somebody

thumps on the entryway. Constable Chunni comes there and advises Nanhe lal that he needs to converse with him. He goes inside with Nanhe and Radhe. Pappu requests that young ladies hold up there. Chunnu embraces Nanhe lal and tells that they found a dead body and it is by all accounts your samdhan ji. He demonstrates the pic. Nanhe lal is stunned and is going to fall seeing the pic. They cry.

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 14 October 2019

Jia tells Gudiya and Sweety, why they didn’t let them know. Gudiya asks Jia to have tolerance and says she is Sarla ji. Jia insults Sweety and says she is languid to go about as Sarla. Nanhe lal, Radhe and Pappu consider Sarla and cry. Sweety asks Pappu to state what was the deal? Pappu says Amma?

Sweety requests that he state what was the deal? Radhe says Sarla got blended in 5 tatva. Gudiya asks what? Pappu says Amma went to Bhagwan. Gudiya says Bua’s name is Rajkumari Bua and asks since when her name progressed toward becoming Bhagwan. Pappu asks I’m not catching her meaning?

Radhe says I conversed with Bua and inquired as to whether Sarla came there, however she said no. Gudiya says I called her and she lied, yet I told that I know Amma is there, and she made me converse with her. Nanhe lal inquires as to for what reason didn’t you let us know.

Gudiya advises that she thought to let her rest there for certain days. She says Amma advised that she is going to Bua when I made her rest. She says when she was not there at home, I discover that thing as a main priority. Does Radhe say whatever occurred? Gudiya asks what? He requests that her call Bua and make him converse with Sarla.

Gudiya says I will call, yet in the event that somebody state anything, at that point Amma will comprehend that I let you know and will blow up. She requests that they go out and make a call. Sweety asks Chunni to demonstrate the pic. Chunni demonstrates the pic. Sweety says this pic was viral on portable a year back and I demonstrated this to Amma likewise, saying the woman is wearing saree as Amma.

Nanhe lal chastens him and requests that he leave. Gudiya turns out and reveals to them that Sarla is fine and needs to remain there for more days. She asks Radhe, Nanhe and Pappu to move and says Amma will return on the off chance that you move well. They consent to move.

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