Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6 May 2019 Written Update – Laxmi Comes Home Drunk

Written Update: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6 May 2019 Written Update on

Shantani says where is your DIL? This is the thing that happens when you are so pleasant to DILs. She doesn’t realize she needs to come on schedule. She should rest. Shantani asks Vardan where is laxmi? He says I don’t have a clue where she is. Haven’t seen her since morning. Shantani says wow not by any means MIL, spouses in this house resemble this as well. Lacxmi goes into the house. Her condition is downright awful. She can scarcely walk. She says hello. Shantani says you went to the gathering? I asked you not to go out. How could you? She is going to slap. Guddan says I gave her consent. Nobody can affront anybody in this house. AJ made this house. I won’t let you him my DIL. Her regard is my regard.

My obligation is to secure her as well. Shantani says you will determine what family regard it? Take a gander at her. Families whose ladies party throughout the night have no regard. You are in charge of this stain on this family name. Saru gets a video. She says goodness God there is Laxmi isn this video. Everybody sees the video. Laxmi is hitting the dance floor with young men. Shantani says see. She is demolishing our family name with men like this. Everybody gets the video. Laxmi is stupified. Vardan says laxmi what is this? I truly believed you and you did this? Shantani says in the event that it was another person he probably separated from her. Guddan says I confide in her. Laxmi tells everybody this is a falsehood. AJ returns home. He gets the video as well. AJ says laxmi what is this? Laxmi says when I went.

Somebody blended liquor in my beverage. Shantani says she drank liquor. she pours ganga jal on her. Shantani says our DIL drank? She more likely than not done as such much in the gathering subsequent to moving. Guddan is in charge of this. She made her DIL companion. Guddan you said you confide in her? Guddan says she didn’t drink with her decision. Vardan says I don’t pardon you. WHo comprehends what you did in the wake of drinking. AJ says she is your significant other. Vardan says I would prefer not to be with you. I need to separate from you. Laxmi says vardan please tune in. He says don’t anticipate anything.

Shantani says AJ Guddan is similarly in charge of this. She ought to be separated as well. AJ says I am disturbed that my child doesn’t confide in his significant other. I regard my better half. Our connection isn’t powerless. You realize I don’t take choices in impulsion. AJ goes upstairs. Guddadn says it was all my mix-up. I gave her authorization. What’s more, Vardahn offended her to such an extent. I don’t have a clue how this video was made. AJ says it wasn’t your error. Guddan says would you let her go? AJ says yes. There is nothing amiss with her going with her companions. You did that for your companion. Give me a chance to accomplish something for my companion now. He says this all happened due to this video. I will fix everything. I wont give anything a chance to happen to your Laxmi.

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