Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6 February 2020 Written Update

Antra prepares. Does she say what is this media for? They state Madam is here. Antra says they’re coming to me. In any case, they run past her and go to Guddan. Antra is stunned to see Guddan. Somebody crashes into Antra and she falls in the mud. Guddan holds her hand and spares her. Guddan says here, take the napkin. It won’t spotless much yet individuals would not have the option to remember you.

Guddan heads inside. Guddan comes inside a doli. Individuals state what a passage. She does everything so well. Guddan says I don’t need to stress. I am a lioness. Her doli is going to fall. Durga and Laxmi spare it. They bring her inside. Guddan turns out. She reviews her minutes in that house. Laxmi sees her in tears. She sees Durga. She reviews her minutes with them. Dadi comes to Guddan.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6 February 2020 Written Update

Dadi says we start every beneficial thing with art. Nothing can be more positive than you returning to this house following 4 years. Guddan contacts her feet and embraces her in tears. Dadi says place this arti in the sanctuary. Guddan does the arti. Dadi says our Laxmi is back. Durga says she is just hotshot Guddan. Antra would be here. Laxmi says Durga is simply stung. She would be alright. Dadi says Guddan will fix everything.

Saru says what’s her opinion of herself. Saru says who is this grimy lady. She sees her face. It’s Antra. Saru says I am sorry I thought it’s a poor person with messy garments. Antra says shut up. You are futile. What is Guddan doing here? Reveal to me everything. The gathering begins. AJ comes to the first floor and sees Guddan. Guddan says our fate has brought us under this rooftop once more. AJ says this separation will never decrease. Guddan turns her back against him. AJ strokes her face. Guddan embraces him.

AJ says you look lovely. Guddan says you look attractive. He says did you miss me? Guddan says consistently. She says did you? Does AJ say what do you think? He kisses her brow. Guddan says for what reason did you change? Antra comes and holds AJ’s hand and removes him from Guddan. Guddan was envisioning this. Antra comes. Aj says I am happy you came. I missed you sweetheart.

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