Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5 July 2019 Written Update – Antra Says to Guddan

Written Update: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5 July 2019 Written Update on

Guddan says nobody can wed my better half. I will take your pride from you. I will uncover you and afterward, I will perceive how mama ji will ask AJ to wed you. Gudan thinks about whether AJ would confide in her. AJ says to Dadi you realize I adore Guddan. In what manner can I.. Dadi says you merit this discipline. You have harmed her to such an extent.

You need to wed Antra. AJ says I won’t wed her. I can’t do that. Dadi says then throttle and murder me. I won’t let Antra and Guddan’s lives destroyed. Guddan says what are you doing dadi. Dadi says ask him he needs to wed her. Gudan says AJ didn’t do any wrongdoing. I realize you are doing this for me. however, in the event that he didn’t do anything for what reason should he be rebuffed.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5 July 2019

Dadi says don’t conceal his wrongdoings. Gudan says he isn’t the offender. Guddan says it is. Antra comes on the first floor and cuts her wrist. AJ keeps running towards her. He says what did you do. She says I shouldn’t have come here. It was all my slip-up. I didn’t need this. release me. AJ says no Antra. Antra says I will kick the bucket. AJ says I won’t’ let you bite the dust.

AJ picks her and hurries to the medical clinic. Guddan says in heart she can stoop so low. I need to uncover her. AJ is in the emergency clinic. He recalls everything that has occurred. A truck drives towards him. Guddan spares him Guddan says what’s going on with you. Would you be able to see? I realize you were stuck in an unfortunate situation. We will take care of this issue. He says regardless you give it a second thought? Regardless you trust? I don’t merit your trust. I ought to be rebuffed.

It was all my error. Guddan says no it was not your misstep. AJ says you generally observe great in me. Quit concealing my missteps. In the event that my discipline is to avoid you, at that point be it. This is the thing that I merit. AJ leaves. Guddan says I am with my significant other. I won’t let him rebuff himself. Guddan goes to the medical clinic.

She says to Dadi I need to converse with you. Durga says she is stressed. Antra is in the emergency clinic. The medical caretaker says she is cognizant yet attempting to hurt herself. Antra shouts I need to pass on. Dadi comes there. Antra says I will murder myself. Dadi says it wasn’t your mix-up. Antra says Gudan supposes I caught him and came in the middle of them. I can’t live this way. Give me a chance to pass on. Dadi says no she doesn’t imagine that. If you don’t mind advise her Guddan.

She shouldn’t be rebuffed for his wrongdoings. Dadi says to disclose to him it was AJ’s slip-up. Guddan says truly, a guiltless individual shouldn’t pay the cost. Antra embraces her and says bless your heart. ANtra embraces her and says much obliged. You will see AJ would wed me. You won’t’ probably do anything. Discover another person for yourself. Antra says you remembered me.

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