Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5 April 2019 Written Update – Guddan Hears the Noise

Written Update: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5 April 2019 Written Update on

Laxmi says I followed area. AJ may be in this area. Guddan embraces her and says much obliged. Laxmi says imagine a scenario where Angat comes and inquires as to yourself. Guddan says I need your assistance. You must be Guddan for 60 minutes. Laxmi says yet he is frightening. Guddan says you need to do this. I need to bring AJ home. Angat says imagine a scenario where she discovers AJ’s area from number. Angat says you need to control that I will confess your mystery to other individuals.

Durga says if that occurs, you wont wed Guddan. Angat says we are a group. Durga leaves. Angat says I will slaughter AJ once we get hitched. Guddan comes outisde the house. She enters. it is a psychological haven. AJ is tied inside. Guddan enters. AJ feels something and says that is Guddan’s vibe. He attempts to break his ropes. Guddan says you are here AJ. AJ breaks a jug with his leg. Guddan hears the clamor. she says I feel like AJ is close. AJ cuts his ropes. All individuals begin making commotions. Gdddan is terrified.

AJ opens the entryway. Rough observes Guddan and says how is se here. He forgets every one of the patients. THey alarm Guddan. Guddan says help.. Rough and his men endeavor to stop AJ. He hits them and goes towards Guddan. Rough hits AJ on head and bolts him. Rough says how is Guddan here and how do Durga and Angat don’t have a clue? Laxmi is secured Guddan’s room. Angat thumps. Laxmi says I am fine. I will meet you first floor. Angat says accompany me. He comes in the room.

Laxmi secures herself washroom. She has a go at calling AJ. Rough and his men rope and sodomize AJ. Rough with secured face says who are you and what are you doing here? Guddan says I think your voice is recognizable. She says tune in She says I need to discover my significant other. He says OK you can come in and check. Angat says Guddan says would you say you are prepared? I am stressed for you. Laxmi is frightened. Rough takes Guddan to rooms. Guddan’s bangle drops. AJ sees it.

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