Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4 July 2019 Written Update – Antra Pretneds Suicide

Written Update: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4 July 2019 Written Update on

Dadi says everybody gets equity in this house. Be that as it may, when the person who declares the decision sins, he additionally gets rebuffed. She asks pandit ji to come. Pandit ji says 15 days time. She says following 15 days, Antra and AJ are getting hitched. For his wrongdoing, he undermined his significant other. He broke her trust. He doesn’t have the right to be called her significant other. It wasn’t Antra’s slip-up. So for her respect, you need to wed Antra. Nobody can change the choice.

Guddan says he is my better half. I will address him. Dadi says no. You can’t carry on with this out of line life in this house. AJ says I can’t do this mama. I cherish Guddan. I can’t wed Antra. Dadi says this is your discipline. You have undermined Guddan. Avoid her on the off chance that you figure you fouled up. You proved unable

be a spouse. You gave her entitlement to another person. Do you have answers? no right? At that point return from her life. AJ bows. He says I am the guilty party yet kindly don’t part us. Dadi says you can’t pull off your wrongdoing. Guddan says dadi, kindly Antra says don’t rebuff him forever. Dadi says you will see my dead face in the event that you don’t wed her. You merit this.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4 July 2019

Antra says to Guddan I am heartbroken. I ought to have ceased this. I will address mama. This wedding won’t occur. Guddan tosses chunri on her and says AJ is the main mine. You can’t interfere with us. I realize he didn’t do any wrongdoing. Nothing occurred between both of you. This chunri was with me and afterward I blacked out. At that point AJ blacked out as well. I woke up and you were wearing it. You thought won’t know? I know was quiet to ingest it. It wasn’t AJ’s slip-up. It was all your arrangement.

AJ cherished all of you his life and you did this to him? What number of appearances are behind this? Antra snickers. She says I am awed. Individuals call you dumb. You saw my genuine face. I am inspired. Great job. It was all my arrangement. I inebriated those desserts for both of you. When you blacked out, I took your chunri. Furthermore, truly, AJ was correct. Nothing occurred after he blacked out. So now you know my mystery. AJ said you called me here for a shock. AJ pulled her and swooned.

Antra embraced him. Antra says he saw your face in mine. Antra said you need rest. AJ said Gudan.. My head harms. Antra removed their garments. She said tomorrow, our life would be equivalent to it was. Antra dozed alongside him. Guddan says you stooped so low. Antra says I need to demonstrate to you your value. I can successfully have AJ. When I returned you ought to have gone out. AJ is mine and will dependably. This property and riches is additionally mine.

You interfered with us. Guddan says you were doing this for cash? For what reason don’t you approach him for it. Love isn’t accomplished for cash. Antra says if Antra cherished AJ for what reason would she leave? Guddan says so it was a show. She says AJ was a struggler. His elder sibling kicked the bucket. So he received his three children and made us their folks. I didn’t need every last bit of it. I needed cash and love. SO I left and imagined my passing. However at this point AJ has al that I needed.

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