Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3 July 2019 Written Update – AJ is Blaring Siren

Written Update: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3 July 2019 Written Update on

AJ says this can’t be conceivable. Antra says you came here and you pulled me. Guddan never came here. we spent the minutes that a couple does on the wedding night. Dadi and Guddan come there. Dadi drops the arti. They are stunned. Guddan plunks down and picks the arti. She leaves. AJ says Guddan stop. Guddan comes in. She reviews what Antra said. AJ

says there is nothing among me and Antra. There is nothing. I don’t have the foggiest idea of how this occurred. That was a misconception. Antra says what occurred between you and me. You consider it a misconception? I wish it was. I wish it were Guddan. I wish you let me go and didn’t hold my hand. I wish I could run when you were taking me in your arms. I couldn’t stop myself.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3 July 2019

Dadi says AJ reveal to me this is valid. You can never do this to Guddan. AJ says everything occurred. Be that as it may. I didn’t recollect that anything. I don’t recall that anything. ANtra says it was an error. He doesn’t feel anything for me. It would be ideal if you excuse him. Guddan we as a whole commit errors, he did as well. He acknowledged you for every one of your mix-ups however please pardon him as well. Dadi says Guddan won’t excuse him.

You disclosed to me you will never break her trust, You will never hurt her AJ says please Guddan. It was a mix-up. Dadi says it is a transgression. Neither would Guddan excuse you nor I. She takes Guddan inside. Laxmi says Guddan didn’t merit it. Angat says I am sickened. What you did with Guddan is so off-base. Everybody disregards him.

Laxmi is crying. Durga says weeping for your MIL’s karma? Your FIL’s deeds? I revealed to you he could never make Guddan his. He picked Antra over Guddan. Saru says I feel so awful for Guddan. AJ needs them two. He stooped so low. She would never get that spot. Durga says would Guddan have the option to excuse him and overlook that AJ was with Antra throughout the night?

Guddan recalls everything and cries. Dadi comes and contacts her feet. She says pardon me. Guddan embraces her and says what’s happening with you. It wasn’t your slip-up. she says it is. My child did such a transgression. Excuse me. Guddan says kindly don’t state this. Dadi says AJ will be rebuffed for his wrongdoing. She leaves.

AJ recalls everything. AJ is concerned. He tosses things in indignation. He reviews what dadi said. AJ says how might I do this? How might I break your trust? I don’t merit you. I hurt you. I gave you a torment. I don’t merit your affection and trust. Antra comes there. she says never figured we would go to a spot where you would rebuff yourself for contacting me. We were given instances of.

I couldn’t stop myself. she will get it. Where love is, there is absolution. I will request absolution from her for you. He says I know. It was my slip-up. I don’t merit her absolution. By what method would it be a good idea for me to request it? She may even excuse me yet how would I advise her? She didn’t merit it.

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