Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29 May 2019 Written Update – AJ Said Angat To Leave The House

Written Update: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29 May 2019 Written Update on

Kaushaliya and Bhushan go to AJ’s home. Angat comes in. Bhushan says on the off chance that children cherish one another, at that point for what reason would we have an issue. Kaushaliya says you are correct. Angat is such a decent person Reavati is fortunate. Presently the two sisters will live respectively cheerfully. Dadi says we are cheerful as well. Your one little girl made this house so upbeat I am certain the two will make this house paradise. Saru says to Durga we will be kicked out. Durga says hold up AJ isn’t here yet. Dadi says Saru offer desserts to everybody. AJ comes and says stop. Dadi says let them have desserts.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29 May 2019

AJ says why? In the event that I don’t’ acknowledge this marriage then why? Durga says see Saru I let you know. Saru told Durga to accomplish something. First Guddan and now Revati is resulting in these present circumstances house as well? Durga said AJ didn’t utter a word. Guddan was glad. AJ slapped perv in light of Revati’s nobility. Durga said no, AJ didn’t concur with Guddan out of the blue. His quietness implies a tempest is coming. Durga says see I let you know. Dadi says what are you saying? AJ says I am not content with this marriage. Furthermore, Angat can’t lie in this house any longer. These individuals are here to take Angat where he ought to be. Individuals from mental refuge come in.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29 May 2019

AJ says to Bhushan please trust me. I am doing this for Revati. This marriage can’t occur. A criminal disapproved and liar like Angat shouldn’t be hitched to a decent young lady like Revati. Guddan says what are you saying. Angat isn’t that way. AJ says quit agreeing with his stance. He loathes we all. He endeavored to trap you and consume Durga. I have proofs. Presently he stooped so low. Guddan says what’s happening with you. AJ demonstrates the shroud to Guddan and says this is the confirmation you needed to cover up? We as a whole have the guilty party before us.

Angat says bhai what are you saying? Do you think I lied? AJ says you needed to wed Guddan couple of days prior. I excused you yet you can never show signs of change. I am embarrassed to consider you my sibling. AJ says on the off chance that you don’t confide in me, at that point I don’t’ need to state anything. I will go with them. Dadi says stop it AJ. He is your sibling. AJ says go out for eternity. Never demonstrate to me your face again. Guddan says Angat won’t go anyplace. Like you are doing this for Revati. I won’t give you a chance to be out of line with Angat. He isn’t the offender.

I am happy your sibling who resembles you will wed Revati. AJ says Angat isn’t caring for me. On the off chance that he was. He won’t have done this. Angat can’t live in this house. Any contention won’t settle on me change my choice. He says to Angat go. Guddan hinders. AJ says take him from here. Guddan says on the off chance that you power this you will lose a companion as well. AJ says take him from here. The group from mental haven take Angat. Dadi says no Angat no. Guddan says I will never pardon you for this.

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