Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Alisha says I am sorry

Written Update: Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28 November 2019 Episode Written Update on

The episode begins, Guddan looks in the room. Vikrant sees her. He says Alisha I demand you please end this marriage, It would demolish lives. Guddan comes in. Vikrant says I was advising her to end this marriage. Such huge numbers of lives are stake. It would be ideal if you sign the papers. Alisha leaves. Guddan leaves as well. Vikrant saw Guddan coming. Vikrant sees his significant other’s photograph and says I have begun our vengeance. Our kid isn’t in this world in light of AJ.

A long time back, Vikrant said to bhehali (his significant other) how about we go. We are getting late. She said I need to reveal to you something. He said we are getting late. AJ is pausing. Bheshali said a shock. Vikrant said let me know. AJ came in and said how about we go. We are getting late. They got inside the vehicle. AJ says did you like the outing? Vikrant said your bhabhi was going to give me an astonishment and you brought me here. AJ said I will become more acquainted with the amazement as well.

Vikrant said what’s going on here? AJ thinks back. A man on a bike comes before the vehicle. Bheshali said AJ.. AJ hits the vehicle in a tree. AJ said is everybody alright? Vikrant said Bheshali would you say you are alright? They got back home. Vikrant said the excursion was entertaining. You said there was amazement. Bheshali shouted. She said our youngster. She held her stomach. The specialist came and stated, you have lost your youngster. This is an unnatural birth cycle. You lost your kid.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 28 November 2019 Episode Written Update

Vikrant says AJ took our kid from us. He executed our kid. You couldn’t leave misery and in the long run, you left me as well. My family, my affection isn’t with me as a result of AJ. I will deliver my retribution now. I will destroy everything. I will show how it feels when you lose your kids and family. I will destroy his life utilizing his little girl.

AJ says to Guddan Alisha won’t ever tune in. Vikrant is a pleasant man that he is as yet attempting to persuade Alisha. We need to spare Vikrant. Alisha comes there. She reviews what Vikrant did. Alisha is in tears. Guddan says, Alisha. Is everything alright? AJ says would you say you are making another arrangement? Another untruth? Alisha leaves. AJ says let her go. She will do what she needs to. Guddan says something isn’t right she looked stressed. AJ says she stresses individuals.

Alisha says in what capacity will I lie to everybody? Who will trust me that I am caught in this. There is one individual who will confide in me. Guddan says there’s something that is alarming Alisha. She looked terrified. What might it be able to be? Would it be advisable for me to proceed to ask Alisha? Alisha goes to Perv’s room. She says Perv you need to support me. Vikrant is a fake. He caused me to do everything. It was all his arrangement. Perv would you say you are tuning in?

He is psycho. I don’t have a clue what to do. Guddan and AJ will agree with his position. It’s Vikrant rather than Perv. Vikrant pushes her and says I let you know not to tell anybody. He gets a handle all over. He says be terrified of me. Alisha says I have seen a great deal like you in prison. She puts a blade on him and says don’t you set out to disturb me. He pushes her and blacks out her. Vikrant says I will give you what would i be able to do.

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